12/5/14:  Absolutely delightful personality.  He is enthusiastic without being too pushy.  Very smart.  Gets along with the other dogs. Plays fetch. Good on leash. Loves car rides. Just a very happy fella.

11/9/14:  Nope, not a Pyr.  Maybe a hint in there.  Maybe Australian Shepherd? I just don't know, but he is really pretty.  He is a really sweet. Good on leash and in the back seat of the car. Gets along with other dogs, male and female, large and small.  Is use to being around outdoor cats. He has been an outside dog in a 3 1/2' high fence and does not try to escape.  As a pup, he was dumped in a church parking lot and brought home by an elderly lady.  He has become a bit much for her and she felt he needs children and to be inside with a family.  He was born about July 2013, he weighs about 70 pounds.