River aka Jerry Lee

7/14/10:  Hello Carol,
 I have been meaning to send you a note for a while. River is doing fine. He is the guardian of the Ponderosa. In the past month alone he has saved me from an armadillo that almost walked into the dog pen behind me after dark and he actually tree'd a groundhog a few days later. I didn't know groundhogs could climb trees. He is working on helping catch another armadillo in the yard. He is still a big fan of playing with rocks. He is by my side always when I am outside. If I end up sneaking off without him and I scream, (you know, spiders and snakes) He comes running. He gets to upset when I go for a horseback ride, so he has to stay behind.
He is such a great dog, I can't imagine how he ended up homeless.
Anyway, I now refer to him as my guardian as he always looks out for me.
I enclosed a couple of photos, we had a great time last winter in all the snow! I hope you enjoy them.
Sincerely,   Carla B.


10/01/08:  I thought I would give you a howdy to let you know River is doing great. He is finally putting weight on. My Sister-is law even commented how good he was looking.
He keeps use busy picking rocks up in the yard. I think he has that process backwards. LOL. I'll send you a couple of pics of him. Unfortunately we haven't seen footie ball for several days, so it's back to rocks. He really likes to talk to them when he's playing with them (?) kinda odd. He gives a whole new meaning to the word "Pet Rocks".  =) Back to the store to find another River proof ball.
Hope your all well and things are going good! No recent pictures, when I get some I will send some.
Carla and River
Update from "River" 6/26/08:  Hi Carol! I hope this finds you well. I have been thinking a lot about emailing you, so you would know how I was doing with my new family. My Mom told me I needed to get in touch with you so you would know that I was doing quite well in my new life.

I have a lot of freedom to play outside with my new friend Chena. My new Mom lets me come in the house just as soon as I tell here there's a thunderstorm coming, She feeds me in the house and I get my Frontline every month. I have a feeling I'm going to get a bath pretty soon cuz my Mom says I smell bad. I have gotten some new toys. Mom got me a new Kong ball and the first time she through it, no one ever saw it again. it just bounced and bounced and ........... So I got a new one that's orange and it has horns on it and I still have it so far.

I'll have Mom help me to send some pictures of me for you to see.

Tell everyone back there Hello for me.

I miss you, Love River 

Adopted 4/22/08

4/05/08: Jerry Lee has an enthusiastic personality.  He hopped right into the car and after surveying the landscape, he laid down and put his head in my lap.  He is happy to be in a yard to play with other dogs.  He is getting along fine with all of them.  He really likes people and attention also.  He has obviously had a lot of attention.  He knows 'sit', 'stay', 'lay down', and loves to fetch sticks and tennis balls.  If there are none handy, he will bring you a rock to throw for him!   He has a lovely, healthy coat and even disposition.  He looks purebred, but his ears are a bit smaller then the giant ears so many have.  Actually it's kind of nice to see ears that are not so pronounce for a change.  He is about 80 pounds and 25" at the shoulder, so not a real big boy.  More average.  He was picked up by animal control and his time run out as he set waiting to be claimed by his owner.  No one came forward so Ozarkdogs was called.  Since he looked so much like Frank, our GSD that we lost a year ago, we could not turn this boy down, even though we are overflowing.

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