12/28/17:  Rena has been returned.  Apparently a home without cats would be best for her "We are having some issues Rena. After about two weeks of coming home, she developed an intense interest in our cats. I don't think she wants to hurt them (it seems partly curiosity and partly jealousy over them getting attention), but she has chased them across the room, growled at them, and stalked them so much that they are now terrified of coming into the living room. Sometimes they will come try to get pet while she is outside going potty, but as soon as she comes back to the door and sees them, she barks like crazy and scares them off. ....Other than this issue, she is just perfect".     She is now around 16 to 18 months old. 
8/7/17:  Rena came yesterday.  She is a total love with no issues.  She fit right into the house pack with 17 other dogs!!  They all accepted her.  She laid with her head on my lap for a 3 hour grueling de-matting process.  She never complained and looked lovingly up at me as if to say "thank you".  She has been my shadow.  She is here by my desk.  She was right beside my bed all night. 

She will be spayed this week and brought current.  She needs to gain about 10 to 15 pounds.  She is currently about 45 pounds.  I'd guess her mix to be Pyr, Aussie and  Golden.  She is around 1 year old.