10/8/10: Rayn is on the back cover of the Ronald MacDonald's House brochure. I will see if Joan can fwd on to you the Brochure. We know why she is so fine.. A Ozark Rescue Dog

2/19/10: Hi Carol,
Tonight RAYN and I went to the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey Pa...it's connected to the Med Center there (Hershey Medical Center) little children and families with sad stories.  RAYN is so wonderful  with everyone...so gentle and loving to all.  We're scheduled there every other week  through the Red Cross Animal Assisted Therapy Program.. anyway David said you'd like a pic there. I was trying to set her up for a pic when the house manager came out and said he'd take the pic  thus you ended up with me and RAYN.... I was trying to get RAYN alone with RONALD...OH well.   RAYN still does not like WINN...too bad cause he's such a good boy and not obnoxiously persistent...she just doesn't want to be around him and prefers to go upstairs alone. It does bother me as I'm used to my dogs being around me, but she prefers to be alone except if there's an activity, then she's all for it....she loves to be with me alone as long as WINN isn't with us....makes me feel bad. She also has a physical problem....she has what's called a tucked vulva and it predisposes her to infections. Right now her little vulva is excoriated from licking over the past week. She has a vet appt tomorrow. Last time this happened the vet suggested surgery to reconstruct the folds . That is not an option for me or her. Right now I think she needs an antibiotic as she's very sore there.
     She continues to be a very special sweet dog...has a good appetite and has put on a little weight this winter..80 lbs.. We had 36.8 in of snow over the past 2 weeks and it's hard to get out and exercise the pups and myself.    I'll keep you apprised of her female prob.
   Thanks again for giving us a great dog.    Joan
2/10/10: Hi...David asked me to send some of these pix that I took a little while ago.. we had 18 in last Sat and so far last night and today, about the same and it continues to snow... now becoming a blizzard. With my apologies to those who suffer hardship as  a result of the storm, I still have to admit I LOVE IT...and so does Rayn and Winn.......as for David, he exercises his fingers with the remote and his eyes with the TV......hahahaha...he'll really love me for saying that.
    RAYN loves the snow...you see her running through it. The pix next to the mailbox shows you the height of the snow...I've never seen so much here in Harrisburg. 
     The ears were up due to the blowing and blizzard condition....her ears are down, real cute as in the other pics...our total snowfall was 36.8 in according to the news tonight......  Joan

2/05/10:  Rayn has been going to the Ronald McDonnell House with the Red Cross. She is such as you know Lady. She does a great job there.
  However she will alert when a stranger is close by while Joan is out walking. When I say alert, she watches in silence and closes close to your side.
  Winn is 98 lbs now and taking certification classes to be shown in the ring. It will be only for the Harrisburg Pa show which is a large style happening.
  It is hard to get the Dogs together for a comparison of size photo. Winn is taller and for sure longer. Rayn weight is 78 lbs.
  Come on spring.. Snow heading our way tonight.
  Give all a kiss & Chipi she did a great job with our Rayn.
David, Joan, Spanky Boy, Rayn, Winn, 2 birds Franky & Marley, 2/Rabbits Elwin & Sugar 1 Barn Kitty Solo comes and goes.

12/05/08 update:  Rayn is in training for her Therapy Dog Certification.  Yeah, Rayn!!   That is just great.

9/22/08:  Do you think there is any hope for this Dog..:) Joan's breeder says her Bitch GS has 5 pups to be born next week. Now we have to hope for 3 males in the litter. Joan wants a boy GS. I do hope Rayn Francis is up to the task and does a good job. She actually does not have any bad habits. I don't mind if she gets my hats, socks, shoes etc. I have been hoping for the best for your Dogs and of coarse you all.  David

10/06/07: We simply love Rayn and so does everyone that meets and greets her. She is so resilient for having had some early bad exp with other dogs. I took her to a WOOF function at our downtown and she met probably 100 dogs. At first, she tucked her tail and wasn't sure about the activity; when it was time to leave, she was wanting to stay...she met all breeds. She's so cute when she meets a small dog, she goes in a down position.  She smiles too.  Joan & David

Christmas 2006
April 2007



at 'Daddy's' feet

Camera attack


notes from her "daddy": what a lover Dog.. she is the best thing in my life in while.. sleeps almost all night now. Training is working nicely. Thank you again for letting her come here to us.

Training is going good. When the participants are free of their Dogs, seems they all graduate to Rayn... we know why right.. she's so pretty and cool... We are all rescued Dog owners.. Joan & Rayn went up the River to a Winery yesterday and stole the show. Rayn laid down next to the fire place and snoozed. She does excellent in a car.. broke her in on the trek to Pa from Ar,,
Sometimes when we are doing Heal on leash she prances in a fast walk.. neat. Just thought I would let you in on her haps..

Today early.. she's on the way for toys.. Training Class starts Sunday @ 10.. friends who are pro's and K9 retired Cops.. No we are not going to make her anything other than sweet Rayn...

Rayn at her new home.     Anxious arrival

Growing fast!!!
12 weeks old- 8/17/06

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