2/14/14:  Princess will do best as an only dog.  She can get along with most male dogs but only a few females.  Unsure on cats.  Most likely Pyrenees and Australian Shepherd mix.  She has a high energy level and should have lots of exercise and human interaction.  She is very loving of humans. 

Merry Christmas!  Princess arrived 2 days ago.  She had been wandering the roads for some time in search of her lost family.  I guess they didn't want her anymore as no one came to Animal Control to claim her.  It seems strange since she is such a fabulous young healthy girl. Although nervous in the car on the ride here, she rode very well.  She loves people and would love to be a lap dog.  She is still somewhat excited to be in a new place, have plenty to eat and a warm house to sleep in.  She caught on to the doggie door right away.  She has shown great house manners.   She is pretty good on leash.  She seems to know 'sit' and 'wait' and possibly a few other commands.  She settled right in with Colby and has paid no negative  attention to the dogs in the adjoining yard, even when they bark at her. 

She is a delicate framed girl of about 25" to 26" and guessing about 70 pounds and 2 years old.