Miss Zuri Andra

Miss Zuri Andra aka Popsicle  is living in Illinois with her new family and canine friends Haley & Gus. Thanks Katherine for making the long trip to get your new family member.
1/31/07 updateMiss Zuri has gotten much bigger since the last update I sent. She now weighs in at 85 lbs. and is larger than my male Great Pyr mix ( he weighs 95 lbs but she is taller and thinner than him). I sent one picture where she is upside down and itís a little hard to tell, but she's smiling. She loves to get her belly rubbed and rewards us with a big toothy grin. (Its hard to get the picture of her smile when you are trying to rub her belly at the same time) She absolutely loves everyone who walks in our door and feels the need to snuggle up to everyone.  She has become the avid bird watcher-when we go on walks, I'll look down at her and she's staring up into the sky and I'll look and there will be an hawk or an eagle gliding over us. I think she knows how much I like birds, so she sort of alerts me to them.  She and Gus play non stop and I think he is a little less annoyed by her now and he will instigate play with her. Zuri is also a daddy's girl as you can see in the one picture of her with Andy. She is doing well with commands, however "come" seems to be an issue, really it's just that she'll come when she feels like it, or if I have her favorite cookie in my hand!              Katy

Sept 10, 2006 update
:  Zuri is doing great. She graduated puppy preschool last month and starts puppy kindergarten in a few weeks. She was the biggest pup in the class but took a lot of care to not bowl over her smaller friends. Our next door neighbor has a golden puppy that she is best friends with and I sent some pictures of the two of them playing. Lucy, the golden, is 4 weeks younger than Zuri and in a few pictures you can see how big Zuri has gotten. She weighs 51 pounds now! She is an extremely smart girl, my husband says she is scary smart. She figured out quickly how to turn the shower off and open the doors to the shower when she is getting a bath. She is good with commands as long as there is a treat involved and for some odd reason she responds better to the german commands than the english. I just read Jolie's update and like Jolie, Zuri was afraid of lawn mowers, cars, planes, anything with a motor noise, but she is adjusting the more I expose her to those noises. I take her with me everywhere, I have aspirations of her becoming a therapy dog is some manner. She is extremely good with children and I am going to explore the program where children read to dogs, because she is very laid back and loves being around people. She has been around our young neices and nephews and although a little timid at first with them, she quickly became glued to their sides. She also seems to become very attached to people with disablilities and will lay at their feet, just gazing up at them.  Everyone that has met her has said she is the best puppy they have ever met! She is getting along great with Haley and Gus. Gus and Zuri mouth wrestle all the time. Haley doesn't play much and is grumpy because she is old and Zuri figured that out quickly and for the most part leaves her alone. Zuri still steals the other dogs bones just like she did when you had her and she is still sneaky about it.
First update:  She is doing really well. We named her Miss Zuri Andra, which means Miss White Lady in Basque. And if you add the Miss and Zuri together, you get the place where we picked her up. But we just call her Zuri and she pretty much started answering to it right away. She is a smart girl!
     She gets her stitches out next week, our vet wanted to just leave them in a little longer. She weighed 25 pounds at the vet last Friday, but if I had to guess she has probably put on at least 5 more pounds in the last week. Her paws just keep getting bigger and bigger! I'm sending along the announcement I sent to my family with a picture of her.   Katy

Popsicle is quite the adventurer.  When her littermates were being picked up by rescue, she took it upon herself to check out the woods behind her previous home.  She was missing for 5 days, but she must be quite a resourceful little girl because aside from a bruise on her nose, she is none the worse for her travels.  She was quite glad to see her brother and sister and did not take her long to settle in and claim a few chew bones for herself.  She immediately caught on to the doggie door and fearlessly checked out all the big dogs in the yard at her new foster home.  She is very affectionate and loves to be held and petted.  She is a bit independent and will go her own way when her littermates are following the big dogs.  She also finds the other's bones to always be more interesting then her own and has a very subtle way of making them hers.  She loves water and a wading pool in the summer is a must.  Her tail is starting to curl and is much more circled then her littermates.  It should develop into a full circle very soon and become big and bushy with the onset of her adult coat.

She was born April 2, 2006.  Her mom is a full Great Pyr and dad is half Pyr, half Anatolian Shepherd.  At 12 weeks old, she weighed 23 pounds.  Full grown, she should weigh about 80 to 90 pounds.  

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