After being taken in by Big Dogs Huge Paws special needs rescue in Denver:  Pickles has found a great forever home with Laura & Erik in Denver, Colorado. His new "seeing eye dog" is E.B. the Great Pyrenees and his new "watch cats" are Lion-O and Truckstop. All 2-legged and 4-legged members of the family feel very privileged to have the opportunity to help Pickles have an amazing life and future with them and will do whatever it takes to make sure he feels safe and protected. Someone is home all day long and they go for lots of walks and trips to the dog park for exercise and playtime. They are very experienced with the breed and owned another Pyr previously so he couldn't be in better hands. 

Pickles is certain to have the same vision diagnosis as his brother, but my vet does not have the necessary equipment the test him.  Here is what the vet said about his brother:  Cujo went to the canine ophthalmologist today and he didn't get good news. He has canine optic nerve hypoplasia. Which is basically an underdevelopment of the optic nerve. He is lacking the wiring to send the visual signals of what he sees to his brain. The vet said he has very little vision and bc of this, it would be like us seeing bits and pieces of part of a picture and by the time his brain gets the new signal, he's already run into the tree or post bc the signal only sends a small part of what he actually sees and is slow. Poor boy. There is no treatment, nothing can be done. It is most likely genetic and all siblings could possibly have this disorder. Very sad for Cujo and Pickles. Cujo seems happy but is still extremely skittish and jumpy as I'm certain it's from his lack of vision. He isn't totally blind but about 90%.

He did see my vet and she affirms that Pickles has very limited vision, and that he is basically blind. 

Living with a Blind Dog

12/03/10:  Pickles is 10 months old.  He is affectionate and really wants to trust.  He has learned where most of the obstacles are in his yard.  He still will run into things but is learning to maneuver pretty cautiously.  He is aware of things in his path if they are dark and the background is well lit.  He can not see fences or windows or objects where there is not a big contrast.  He walks into walls.  He has good hearing but his sense of smell is not as acute as most dogs.  I have to hold his bowl for him to eat.  Otherwise he steps in it and spills it.  Leo, the old boy he came with is like his guide dog and security blanket rolled into one.

Pickles has been groomed and to the vet.  He is getting comfortable in the back seat of the car and lays down.  He can't get in or out on his own.  He does not know where to put his feet. 

He has not yet been neutered but is UTD and will be neutered when a placement is found.