Petunia (aka Patty)

8/22/12: Petunia is so happy to be out of a cage and into a rescue where she has full run of the house and a bunch of other dogs to play with. She is very potty trained. She will "hold it" as long as necessary.  Good inside, in the car and fair on leash.

She has delighted in discovering a nylabone, a squeaky toy, the doggie door, a big yard, and a playmate in Shela who is near her age, size and energy level to make friends with.  She also discovered those short little legs can still get her into a humans lap with no help.

And speaking of legs (very short and stout) and body (very long) is pure Basset Hound while the long sharp muzzle and coloring is that of an American English Coonhound. Not exactly the most elegant combination but one that will bring a grin to any strangers face.

Hounds don't normally make their way to Ozark Dogs but when they do, it is a delightful change of atmosphere from the laid back Pyrs. Petunia is 33 pounds, and between 1 and 1 1/2 years old. She is 15" tall and probably twice as long :-)

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