3/1/12:  Penny has been here such a long time (5/20/11) and she is so eager for a forever family.  She is totally trustworthy in the house as long as you don't leave smelly shoes or slippers on the floor at night.  She is good on leash, in the car, with other dogs and I'm sure would be great with children and older people alike.  Just a versatile dog.  She will make a great little lap dog or a playmate for respectful children or another dog of her energy level.  She is full of energy but can settle down on your lap for a long nap.  She does well with other dogs.  She does sometimes test to see if she can be boss, but is not aggressive.  (She just tries to sound that way). 

No food issues other then she loves to eat and will pick up anything left by others.  Free feeding would not be good for her.  she needs a home with more attention and lots of exercise. 

History: I don't know what she is other then a 2 year old, 40 pound bundle of energy.  Delightful, full of personality and a quick learner.  I don't 'do' small dogs, but she sat up on her rear with front paws in the air 'begging' me to take her.  How could I refuse knowing she was scheduled to die within 24 hours?

On 8/22/11 Penny underwent a delicate surgery to remove debris injected when she was shot with a tranquilizer gun by ACO.  It was just a fraction of an inch from her spinal cord and vital organs.  She recovered nicely and absolutely no problems nor scars.

5/20/12: Penny was rescued from euthanasia.


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$25 will provide food for a month.
$18 will provide preventatives for a month.
$12 will provide nutritional supplements to promote a full, healthy life.