Tessa aka Penelope
7/16/10:  Tessa (yes, that is her new and forever name) is doing great.  I enclosed some pictures that I thought you might like to see.  Steve and I can hardly believe that it has not even been two weeks since she came to live with us.  She is so sweet and well behaved.  She and Tucker are getting along like they have been together forever!  When she has her “crazy puppy” runs around the house or yard, Tucker just stands in the middle of it all and barks which just adds to her enjoyment!
     We could not have dreamed of a better addition.
Take care, Marline 

7/5/10:  Thanks for the info as we were going to give her a bath and Frontline her today!  The night went great.  She needed to go out only once at 2 and she let me know—a little nose to the face.  She didn’t sleep in her bed but on the floor—perhaps tonight.  Right now she and Tucker each have a Kong with some goodies.  She isn’t quite sure how to get at it!  But I am sure she will eventually figure it out.


4th of July 2010:  Penelope has been adopted and has a new canine friend named Tucker.  She will be getting a new name too.
Penelope was great for the 2 hour trip to Ozark Dogs. Slept most of the way. When going from the SUV to back seat of the car to go to the groomers, she decided the front seat was more to her liking. She had obviously never had a bath before and was not fond of being brushed, but she liked the blow dryer!!

She did not seem too happy with the invasion of a cat at the groomers.  The groomer interpreted as cat aggression, not just mild interest.  I'll follow up on that. 

She has a real sweet and tolerant disposition. She seems to be handling new experiences well. Her and Autumn, her sister, are very bonded.  They are also very hard to tell apart.

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Penelope & Autumn