5/3/12:  Parker was adopted after almost 3 years of patient waiting.  Then after 1 year he was returned because his human was going to have a baby!!!  He is too old to have his life disrupted again so he will just live out his years here.

April 23, 2011

Oct. 11, 2010

April 15, 2010

 4/5/11: Parker just celebrated his 18th month here.  No cake and ice cream, and no forever home. Instead his day was spent at the vets having x-rays for what turned out to be re-injury of an old torn tendon in the knee from long ago.  X-rays also showed he had been shot as the pellets were still in his hip!  He also underwent another entropian surgery and some eye lash removal.  He looks as pathetic as he must feel.  Because he is so sweet, he was not taken into a run to recover.  He got to stay in the room with the vets.  When he woke up, he went over and nudged the vet ever so softly with his nose.  I think if Dr. Rob was not so busy, he'd adopt Parker.  He has a real special fondness for this old boy. 
     During his time here, Parker has been such a sweet boy and the most agreeable dog of the bunch.  He had his first entropian surgery about 6 months ago.  He also has "dry eye" which is easily treated with a few drops of artificial tears 3 to 4 times a day.  When his eye bothers him, he comes and nudges me to put the drops in!  He is such a great patient. 
     Parker wants to be with his people but he also enjoys outside time.  He will patrol the yard and alert to strangers with a deep 'woof'.  He likes to sun himself on the deck or under a tree if weather is nice, but too hot and he is near the AC.  When he senses a storm, he is on the bed snuggling for protection or trying to get behind the toilet to hide.   He is afraid of gun shots and fireworks too.  He loves long walks, car rides and being brushed.  He is good when his eye medication is put on and will also come to have his drool wiped from his chin. 
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Elvis reincarnated?

10/30 update:  Parker wants to be a lap dog, or at least the benefit of laying on the sofa beside you with his head in your lap.  Since I don't let the dogs on the furniture (2 leather sofa's late, new rule) he is content to lay on his dog mattress and cuddle up at my feet. At first he was reluctant to come inside.  Now he wants to stay in.   He is always ready for a pat or kind word or drool to be wiped from his jawls.  He is appreciative but he is not demanding.  He loves his walks and is exceptionally good on leash.  He has no aggression issues of any kind.  He wants to be friends with everyone and will back away at the first sign of a growl from the others.

10/08/09: Parker is a handsome fella despite the obvious lack of care he had in the past.  He will look at you with the most soulful eyes as if he wants you to know he appreciates any attention you will offer.   He is house trained.  Being older, maybe 4 or 5, he's long past any destructive stage.   He's met the other dogs, male and female and has been very gracious as they check him out.  Given both dog or people to be around, people do seem to be his companions of choice.  Parker got out once but he just came around to the front and waited by the door to be let inside.

He is neutered, HW negative and current on shots and preventatives.  He does have a skin problem that we are working on clearing up.  All tests for cause were negative. 

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