From Linda:  8/18/11: Just wanted to let you know Ozzie is now officially Chewy.  Not only does he look like Chewbacca from Star Wars, he chews everything!  After five pairs of shoes, and one lazyboy chair cushion.......
      I thought of kenneling him when I was gone, but he looked so forlorn that I decided that was not an option.  I now just close him off of the formal living room. 
      I have bought tons of chew  bones, femer bones, nylon bones, rope toys and large kong toys.  He is wonderful and loving when I'm home, but I think he gets stressed when I leave.
      Trying to get him out the front door and into a car is a major trick.  He doesn't want to leave, but coming home no problem at all.  He knows his home and will run to the porch and wait for me to open the door. 
      He is so loving, and really smart!  He only has the one bad habit, and I think it is more anxiety than anything else.  He is my constant shadow!
      I took him to my Vet and he gave him a birthday of 5-5-10.  Said he is not much over a year if that, and that the puppy is still there.  Said he is really a neat dog.  The groomer loves him and they always get a crowd around him when they take him for a walk afterwards.  Everyone at the groomers always come over to play with him.  I take him for a half hour every other week.  (brushing).  I brush him too, but want to keep him beautiful. 
      He still jumps up in bed in the morning and the evening for about a half hour of loving and tummy rubbing, then he gets to hot and will either sleep where an AC vent blows or on a hardwood floor.
     I hope to send you pictures soon.     Linda
      PS  He has not had one potty accident!  Did I tell you I want to check on making him a hospital and nursing home visitor?  Will keep you posted. 
7/30/11: Ozzie was at the local Humane Society.  I had an approved adopter but was looking for the right dog for her.  Ozzie has fit perfect.  Eighty nine pounds of softness and love.  Linda is thrilled and so am I.  He is peacefully sharing a home with a cat and a cattle dog, and of course his new human mommy. 

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