Trying to catch up.  This page will be added to and edited until current.  Carol



2/17/07: Hi.  I am  so glad to hear from you.  I love my OZ.   I am going to take pictures of him in the new snow today.  He has become a bed -hog!  My bed is brass and very high but that does not seem to be a problem for him.  He leaps up to watch TV and cuddle and he is definitely a cuddler, curling up as tight as he can get and lolling his head over me!  Actually it is good exercise.  The arched back that he had in the beginning, which I was a bit concerned about, has corrected and the bed exercise has forced him to strengthen his rear legs!  He used to come and ask for help up..now he is like a goat!! We watch TV in the evenings while he plays bite Mom and then he jumps off to his own bed for sleep.  Oh...and as big as he is, he still sits up as he did as a pup for you.   He also leaps up and down in front of me to get my attention.  He is a goat/dog, having imprinted on the kids down on the farm!!     
      OZ has matured and is more aggressively guarding the fenced yard with deep barks.   OZ still acts like a pup.  With any excitement he races circles in the snow for fun...and boy, can he move.  When he gets cold, he sits on the pillows of the lawn chairs which I left out for him.  He looks so funny sitting there, straight up, with his hair blowing in the wind!  I can never get a picture because if he hears me come out the door he jumps up to greet me.  We had a ritual in the summer and fall, to sit there in the evenings together, side by side.  He sees no reason why I won't do that at  -0 degrees and in a blizzard, and gets annoyed with me!!! 
     I am so glad that you are giving Zelda a home.  I stand up to Oz when he gets too big for his britches but his abstinence is part of what I adore about him.  Anyone who does not have a sense of humor about that shouldn't have them.  You definitely do!!  I am so glad that Loren wanted her,  I could feel that she was a good soul.
      Two weeks ago I got a call from Komondor Rescue, and Sandy said, "Guess what I have for you?"   I said, "Well, I am looking at my baby right now!"   She said, "Baby what?"   I said, "Baby Komondor."  There was a disappointed pause and she told me that she had 2 F and 1 M that a breeder gave up.  I told her I wouldn't trade my OZ for the world...which reminds me, she wanted pictures of him too.  She couldn't believe that I had driven to Ark. to get him.  I am happy with just OZ right now and these are such important formation months in our relationship..  After he is neutered, we'll see if he wants any company.   Pepper and Lacey really like him and visa versa so I am not in a hurry to rock the boat. 
     I love the picture of Zelda.  Oh my, Oz would have fallen in love!!  She is beautiful.  :)  I truly would have driven there to give her a home but she has a great one now!  And, I am so anxious to see pics of the Kom/Pyr pups in March.
     Sincerely,  Lucretia
1/6/10: Scott thinks Oz is adorable and gave him a expensive stuffed pheasant for Christmas, which Ozzer loves!   I will send you some pics when I get them off-loaded.  We all went to Melissa's home for Christmas Eve, had a blazing fire, exchanged gifts (dogs too,) enjoyed the whole gang and sipped Comos..ah....yummmm.  The dogs all get along, though Lacey stares at Oz like he is an alien because every time she sees him... he is bigger.  She sort of looks at me with wide eyes like, "What did you do to him?"  They seem to really love each other like mum and son, and where he goes, she goes.  They bonded when they were here together for the week I kept her, before Melissa took her home.
    Regards, Lucretia
1/4/07:  Oz is wonderful...the abominal snowman!!  He is a REALLY big boy and I just adore him!  More later + pics for you.
12/18/06 Oz is 6.5 months old. 
Here are some pictures of your grandchild!  He still lays like the picture you first took of him!  He is pictured on his Christmas bed that  he claimed as soon as it arrived.  Another is on the way for upstairs in my office!  I loved your card and the poem.  I have such good intentions to send cards and with all the family gifts that have to go in the mail,  I finally give up! 
 Regards,  Lucretia 


12/2/06: Oz is curled up at my feet waiting for his dinner.  He is on raw chicken chunks and Azmira.  He is going to be a big boy.  He eats constantly and grows in spurts!  I will send you pics.  I spent the day plowing so I could get out of the driveway eventually.  We had alot of snow and it started with sleet so you can imagine it was a bit difficult to deal with.  Temperatures are VERY COLD so we won't lose any through melting I'm afraid.  Oz loves the snow and goes out and in 50 times a day to bound around and then comes in with snowballs on his feet!  He is a very fluffy fellow with a thick creamy-white coat that is separated into  sort-of twigs and his hair looks like it has gone through a crimper.   I trimmed the hair from his eyes a little last night so I could see those beautiful golden orbs and he was delighted to see better!  He thanked me by pouncing on me! 
      Right now I have to make both of us a nice warm dinner to make us feel cozy tonight.    Oz sends you a big kiss too.   
10/28/06:  Oz just gets better every day.  Most of the biting and mouthing has stopped with his gorgeous new teeth.  The back ones are still pushing through but now he seems more comfortable.  He loves chewing on bully sticks which are really durable.  His nose is a little stuffy and I hope it is not a cold.  Fortunately I did the Bordatella before school started three weeks ago.  The weather has been rainy and chilly here and today the wind is whipping leaves around.  We are definitely moving toward winter.  
     Oz has shot up in growth!  He is at least twice the size of puppies in his class and owners gasp every week when we walk in!   We have a GREAT relationship.  The "challenging: had more to do with his teething discomfort than my authority I think, but because he is going to be large, I work with him a little every day and make training fun and tasty!  The sun is out and I am going to take a few more pics today so you can see him.  I am very proud of my baby boy, who, by the way, has gotten social, loves puppy class, isn't fazed by new people and is definitely out of his shell.  Everyone always asks about his story so next week I am taking pics of his mom and dad to class!  Just like show-and-tell!!
    Well, time for Oz's lunch.  Thanks again for rescuing my sweetheart.   Sincerely,  Lucretia    
10/7/06: We had a record early snowfall in Chicago this week, the earliest since records were kept in the 1700s.  Oz enjoyed every minute of it before it melted! 
     We are attending a 6 week puppy class.  Our first session was Thursday night.  He is timid, but growly with new people so I thought this would be a very good experience for him and it was.  He now definitely has a mind of his own and has started challenging me a bit, so this reward-based program is necessary.  Conformation class is after my class and the vet who has the training center asked me to stay and let Oz be exposed to people and their grown dogs!  He was intrigued and did really well.  Being 40 lbs. on Thursday and gaining about 2 lbs. a week, I have to get basic obedience into his head quickly and I think seeing others do it also will enforce the teamwork idea as well as let him see that other people are not threatening.  He is highly intelligent and prefers to stay by my side so, thank the Lord, he is not a leaping goof ball!  
     You will love this story.  You remember how he stood up for Thunder at your house when Thunder was challenged by Sasha and trembled the whole time he was doing it?  Well, in class there is a tiny (comparatively) Golden Retriever puppy and Burley, a 4.5 mo. old Standard Poodle.  Burley is a exuberant, typical pup who was chasing the little girl all over the room.  Oz was at my feet, watching.  Soon he had enough of the poodle chasing the tiny 11 week old and leaped to action.  He ran into play like a defensive guard and gently blocked the poodle so his little girl could get away.  He let her pummel him while using his paws to keep Burley at bay, played guardedly, and then came back to lay at me feet.  He won the admiration of all humans in the room.  Even while playing, he keeps an eye on everyone in the room.  He is a wonderful soul but very much guard-driven at an early age, so I will have to work hard to bring that behavior under my control.   A little boy was there who was fiddling with everything and that unpredictability bothered Oz who barked to bring him into line.  I hope his mother brings him again! 
    Regards to all,  Lucretia   
10/5/06: Hi Carol!  Almost called you today.  I get so busy with "stuff" that by the time I settle down, it is too late to do it.  I finally reloaded some pictures to try one last time and lo and behold I got them off the memory card by dumb luck.  I wanted you to have these.     
  Oz is growing so fast.  He is teething and is a little bugger.  Because I take and anti-inflammatory medication, I bruise easily and you should see my arms and wrists!!  I have to wear long sleeves to prevent sympathetic looks from people who probably think I am being beaten or do hard labor! 
     I had forgotten how much work goes into a puppy!  I am exhausted by 9 PM and fall into a coma until 6 AM.  I am up and down like a jack-in-the-box all day.  Oz eats anything that he can get loose!  He ran down the stairs today with the end of the toilet paper in his mouth and unrolled the whole thing!  He also seems to have an taste for potting soil, leaves, and socks!
      Lacey is great now.  The worming did wonders and the Erlichiosis is in decline.  She is venturing slowly into the realms of the house, room by room, and she and Pepper seem to be quite fond of each other most of the time.  I think she has made incredible adjustment in a month.  Oz is crazy about her and is quite respectful of she and Pepper, although Lacey has to give him the "back off Buster" move when he gets too exuberant.  He looks and acts more like a Komondor every day and Oz is going to be a BIG dog.  At times he plays like a baby goat and can leap in the air off all four feet.  It is hysterical to watch!
 Regards,  Lucretia 
     You will love this....Last night Oz did not want to go into his crate, in spite of treats in there.  He clearly said to me,  " I can do it!...PLEASE."  I laughed and said "OK, but you better not make a mistake."  He stayed on his bed in the front room and waited for me to go upstairs and turn out the lights and then he sneaked into the crate, ate the kibbles and came upstairs!  He woke me up at 6:30 AM, as he does every morning and zipped out the door.  Guess what?  No mistakes...neither pooh nor pee!  What a smart little fellow he is!  Oz is  remarkable, an old soul in a new body.  What a gift!  He and I talk constantly and he has been very clear with me since his first week here.  Hearing critters is a gift I received as a child and am grateful for...most of the time.    
      Lacey is feeling 100% better since Melissa gave her a premium dewormer.  POW...like magic.   Lacey and Oz are very good friends and Pepper is coming around!  Lacey does have to get over being a nocturnal creature, which came from living outside.  At night she paces the glass door looking out over the yard and whines.  Cardboard has to go up to protect the glass.  I just told Melissa to ignore it and over time that habit would diminish.  She is just not used to being in a house yet.  Winter will solve that!!
     Well, I am a bit upset.  I lost the bath pictures on my memory card somehow.  I have new pics to unload but am afraid to do so.  The camera told me I had corrupted data so I hope I can rescue all those pics I lost before I have to reformat the flash card.  Scott said that he would take a look at it for me.  He is an expert photographer. 
    Take care.  Lucretia X0 
9/26/06: Hi again.  I am still working on the pictures in my computer.  I haven't yet figured out how to only load the pictures into my computer that I select.  I have loaded them off onto disks by categories.  At least I am that far along!!
      You will get a kick out of this...I did way too much yesterday and ended up with leg muscle spasms last night, so today I rested a lot and Oz was bored.  When I let him out this afternoon, I tried to get some things done in the kitchen.  I could see his white body flying around the backyard with a weed in his mouth.  He would toss it in the air, stomp on it, and then pounce.  I laughed and thought, " Oh good, he will get his exercise."   When I opened the door a little while later, I looked down the side of the house and there he stood...dirty mouth and dirty paws.  He had emptied my flower pots of petunias and ornamental grasses and the dirt!  There is not a sign of the plants anywhere!! 
      Gotta go for now.  Little fuzzy boy is out on the porch and is barking!
    X0 Lucretia 
9/23/06: Hi Carol.  Just taking an opportunity while Oz is on the side porch, to say hello.  I will send you the new pictures for Oz but I evidently have to unload some off onto a disk before I have room to do so.  I have way too many pics and my virtual memory is loaded up.  
     I hope Frank is doing better.  I have thought  about him so often.  He has such a good heart.
    Little Oz had his first vet appt here.  You will laugh at this...I had to carry him from the car, to the scale, into the exam room, and back to the car!!  He just flattens to the ground when he does not want to participate!  It is like carrying a rock!  He was so good, not even a whimper when he had his shot and was 35 lbs. on the 15th.  
     Oz is just a sweetheart.  He is always underfoot and still sits up on his haunches to give me kisses like he used to do with you.  I have to kiss him on the nose every morning before he will stop pawing me.  He is flawless with the housebreaking during the day and in his crate at night.  He hated the sound of that Bissell Green Machine so much when I cleaned up his messes that I never even had to get angry, which is almost impossible for me to do when it comes to him!!  He is just so cute.
    More later.... Lucretia    
9/10/06: Hi.  Thought of you this morning and decided to bore you with a quick note.  God...I just love that little Oz.  Do you know that he can drink out of the toilet from just standing there??!  His back is a little higher than the seat of a chair!   He has grown so fast that you would be amazed.  I am!!  As he grows he looks just like his father. 
    I had to go out last night and make him come in with the yellow leash that somehow got into the car when we left.  ( I will mail the two I have back to you so they can be used again.)  He flattened and was scared to death.  It was either that, or let him dictate his ideas over mine.  He did not want to be crated for night time any more.  I can't blame him but until I know he will not pee and poop on the carpet. he has to be in there.  I tried the other way at night and he is loose all day.  Ah, we have not tried a collar yet.   I thought I would just snap it on and pretend it isn't there today.  No leash yet.  He is soooo smart that anything makes an impression and stays with him.  Any brilliant suggestions would be welcome for collar and leash intro!!
     Oh, forgot to tell you this.  I added a fish oil tablet to his dinners.  I noticed that helped also.  He does have little pimple bumps (about three or four) down around his tail.  Do you have any bugs in your climate that would lay eggs under the skin?  I think I have heard Southerners refer to "no-see-um?"
     Melissa and I left for a couple hours to make a delivery and have lunch yesterday.  Oz was fine in his crate.  Melissa played with him in the yard until he was pooped!  It was so good to get out and laugh. 
   Oz says hello and blows you a wet kiss!  I will unload more pictures into this tomorrow.  I have only short periods when he is asleep to do anything!     Regards...Lucretia 
9/8/06: Oh my dear Carol...I do not know how you survive all the chasing.  I am worn out with just Oz so I can't imagine the energy it takes for all the dogs and what you have been called to do!  As you and I know, Pyrs are notorious walk-abouts!  Barclay took four scary jaunts in his first months with me and as my heart pounded, I drove around searching frantically.  As soon as he saw the car, he was so relieved!  
  Oz is itch-free!!!  I put him on Azmira, which is beef based, no grains except barley and oatmeal, and between the bath and the food change, he has made a total turn-around.  It may have been the lamb or the rice.  I really don't know.  I will avoid both just on general principles.  He naps comfortably now and his breath smells puppyish!  I made the switch faster than I normally would have and had a day of mushy pooh but a small price to pay for losing the constant itches.  I know he is happier and so am I!! 
     I just adore my little fuzzy baby and think of you a lot when I look at his happy face.  He is gaining size daily and we are so happy together.  I can leave him loose in the house all day but at night he is not ready for freedom.  I crated him last night and for the first time, I really slept well.  After the first few complaints and my reassurance, he settled down all night.   
     I am so very happy that Thunder and Storm have a home and that Rayn is on her way.  The "weather crew" and Oz are an outstanding tribute to you and your fostering care.  
     I will unload the new pictures into my computer and send them to you when I have a couple of him jaunting around the yard.  He will not get in the baby pool I have!  Isn't that a stitch?  He does still dig in the water bowl but I outfoxed him and put the pottery water bowl just under the lip of the cabinets so it won't flip over!!!  He has a load of toys and he gathers them all around himself, going from one to the other.  His favorite is the dachshund dog toy shown in the Petco or Petsmart commercial on TV.  I am thinking of buying one for reserve!   We play and cuddle on the floor at least four times a day.  He gives a little bark and throws his head to get me to get down there with him.  We have the collar lesson today and maybe a ride to the bank!
  Sincerely, Lucretia
9/7/06:  I gave Oz a bath this morning with herbal shampoo.  He seemed to enjoy it and was very calm.  The poor little fellow was itching and I had to try something.  He could have gotten some kind of skin mite on the farm where he was born I suppose.  Any ideas?  Next week is his vet appt. and I will have him look at Oz's skin.  He gets pink in his ears, mouth and tummy.  Sounds like an allergy doesn't it?  He is sound asleep in the front room, all wrapped in a towel!
 Sincerely, Lucretia  

Oz is at home in Illinois with a terrific mommy who drove all the way down to Arkansas to get him.  Thanks Lucretia for giving Oz such a wonderful home. Here is the email she sent when I told her he was hers!
8/21/06:  OH CAROL....OH...OH...OH....It is little Barclay!!!  Oh my goodness....what a sweetie pie.   My heart is literally pounding one hundred miles an hour in my chest.  He is adorable.  Oh, thank you for rescuing him.  If you were here I would give you a HUGE hug and a kiss.  You are an angel.  I just sent the pictures to Melissa.  I am so excited that my stomach has butterflies ever since we spoke.  I can't believe this...it is like God heard me and placed a sweet fuzzy boy in your arms.  Oh, please mark him ADOPTED.  Oh, I can't believe this....         
 Sincerely, Lucretia 

8/22/06: Dear Carol.  I was so excited that I forgot to ask you if it is OK for Melissa and I to pick up the little Professor this weekend?  Melissa is taking a day off on Friday and if this arrangement is alright with you, we will start early on Friday morning, spend the night on the outskirts of Branson or safe hotel or motel (suggestion?) near you, drive to see you and the fur family on Saturday afternoon and perhaps talk you into letting us buy dinner for you two that night, and then leave early Sunday to drive straight back here with the Professor and who knows who else??!!    So sorry if I woke you.  I am so elated.  Lucretia
Oz when he was in his rescue home.  Age approx 12 weeks.     

HOME      adopted Pyr pups

Back before the 'parents' came to Ozark Dogs, five of Chipi's puppies were taken in.  Below is the daddy of Oz and Duncan.
Daddy- "Shaggy"
Mommy- "Chipi"
on day one @ Ozark Dogs