3/11/16: Olaf left with his new forever family yesterday.  He greeted them like he had known they were coming for him and hopped right into their vehicle.  This mornings report was that he did great in the motel room last night and they say he is the sweetest and smartest guy ever. 

1/06/16:  Not one person has applied for Olaf.  He is such a great dog.  A lot of people are missing out on a wonderful companion.  He has the sweet, goofy personality of a Labrador retriever (but is not hyper) and the devotion to family of the guardian Anatolian Shepherd dog (but not a guard dog).  The best of both breeds. 

What Olaf needs:  Not a lot.  He would do fine with a smaller yard and daily walks.  He would be fine in a suburban area, but not in an apartment.  He will need dog secure fencing of 6' high.  Secure means chain link, welded wire (2" x 4"), cattle panels (6" x 6" squares) or wood privacy.  He is a tall boy so a 4' fence is not sufficient.  He does not want to be inside all day but he does want to be inside a good part of the time. 

He needs to be able to be both inside and out as he wants.  He needs free access to areas where his people are.  He cannot be confined to a separate room.  This does not mean he needs access to the entire house.  It means he needs to be allowed in the living room when his people are in there.  It means he cannot be closed in the bathroom, laundry room or crate at night. 

I know most people have to work and are usually gone 10 hours a day.  If this is the case, then Olaf needs a compatible canine playmate.  Preferably a female of medium to large size with a dog friendly disposition.  He gets along fine with male dogs also and those of smaller size.  However he became protective of the small dog he arrived with and was so devoted to fathering him, that he did not get to have fun.  I do not know how he would be with cats.  I know he would be excellent with respectful children. 

Top 4 pix are from 11/29/15.

11/5/15: Olaf smiles.  A big toothy grin.  He is living inside now and has great inside manners.  No marking.  No accidents or intentionals.  He loves to play, romping around the shop like a puppy.  Loves interacting with Faith and Layne.  Gets along good with Cotton which pleases me since other dogs have not gotten along with Cotton.  Good on leash.  Loves his walk.  No issues.  Just a really sweet, loving, cuddling boy.

I swear he has grown since he came.  Finally filling out too.  He's probably 30 or 31" at the shoulders and 110 pounds or more. 

6/10/15.  Olaf and TinTin have been here about a week.  Olaf is Kangle mix.  He is a sweet boy who loves people.  He is a bit protective of TinTin around other dogs.  Good on leash and in the car.  Neither has had much 'inside' experience.  We will learn more on house manners soon.