Alpine aka Ocean

11/11/09:  Hope you are doing well.  I apologize that it has been so long since we have been in touch. Alpine is doing great.  He is the best dog ever.  So behaved and friendly with all people and dogs.  He loves to lay on the couch and look out the window and watch the world go by.  We did have to buy him a leather couch since he does seem to drool quite a bit!!  His new couch suits him well so far.

He is starting to get quite a bit more protective.  We find him barking at noises outside that he may deem threatening.

He still gets his walk every morning which he enjoys very much however too much activity wears him out.  We throw the ball for him and he runs mad but then decides he is to tired to play and will hide the ball in the bushes and lay down. It is quite funny. He only goes to dog daycare once a week now because it literally exhausts him for two full days.

He is amazing and we can't imagine life without him.  We are so glad that you rescued him!   Thanks so much and take care,   
 Lisa and Ryan
11/04/08:  It has been a year since we adopted Alpine so we thought we would give you an update!
     We can't imagine not having him.  He is definitely part of the family.  He is the most laid back dog I have ever met.  Nothing makes him happier then us being home and sitting with home on the couch. 
    He has gotten into a routine and does like his morning walk though.  The only time we don't go is if the weather is really rotten and boy he can flash some guilty looks. 
     He did not enjoy the heat of the summer much and would prefer to only go out to do his business and then back to the air conditioning. ( I can't blame him)
     We took him up to a local art fair where dogs are welcome.  He is very well behaved and loves all the attention that he gets.  He knows that he is a good lookin' dog.  Some people at the art fair even gave him "Best in Show"
     Please see attached picture!!
     We really commend you for all of these wonderful dogs you rescue!! 
    Best Wishes,    Lisa and Ryan


4/30/08:  Attached are some pictures of Alpine!!  Isn't he a handsome little guy!  All these pics show him playing outside but actually his favorite thing to do is sleep and cuddle on the couch.  He is just so lovable!!

His fur has remained just as soft and silky as it was when we got him.  It is like eternal puppy hair.  He gets a lot of petting from strangers on walks because of it.   He is about 95lbs now!!  He is definitely a gentle giant though.

After we leave for work Alpine will herd all the pillows in the house to either his bed or the couch!! It is hilarious!!  No one can believe it until they see it.  I guess he is making his resting spot a little more comfy for the day....

All is going well and thank you for rescuing Alpine!!! He is a delightful dog that we enjoy very much!!

Best Wishes,   Lisa and Ryan




1/18/08 update: 

I wanted to give you an update on Ocean.  He is such a joy.  He is loved by all who meet him. My family and Ryan's family both love him and can't wait for us to bring him to visit. 

We take him to doggy daycare one or two days a week. He loves going but just plays until he is completely

 He graduated from obedience class and he did a great job.  He liked the praise and petting better than he actually liked the treat.  When he would get tired of training he would lay down in the middle of the aisle at Petco or try to get in the shelf with the dog beds!!  The trainer thought that was funny. 

He and the cat are pretty good friends.  He really wants to play with her but she is not interested in playing so sometimes that frustrates him.   He loves this cold weather we are having and likes to chase the tennis ball now that it is cold!!  

He is great with other dogs and children!!!  He is definitely perfect and we could not dream of ever getting a better dog!!!  We love him to pieces and we are so happy to have him!!   I have attached some pictures of him.

Take Care,  Lisa and Ryan




11/04/07: We just wanted let you know that things are going great!  We decided to call him Alpine since he is part mountain dog and that we picked him up in Mountain Home AR. 

He is absolutely perfect just like you said.  He is adjusting very well.  He has met most of our friends and family and has won all of their hearts.  People are begging us to dog sit. Our friend has a two year old that played and hung all over him and he was a perfect gentleman.

We took him to the vet last Wednesday to get a script for Heartguard and we also got him micro-chipped while we were there. He was such a good boy.  He is always ready for a road trip, he tries to get in the car anytime the door is open. 

Kitty is becoming more friendly with Alpine, they went nose to nose today (in a friendly way).

The only issue we've had was a bit of scratching at the door when we leave.   We have practiced some leaving cues and techniques suggested by the vet and he has stopped this behavior. 

He enjoys the backyard and we also go for a little jog before work and after.  He does not like getting up at 5:30am though.....He is a sleepy little fella!!

Hope all is well with you!  We have attached some photos for you to enjoy!!
Take Care,   Lisa and Ryan

10/27/07: Second email from Oceans new family:  He did finally warm up in the evening and decided to come and hang out with us in the living room.  He had some visitors and he gave them all equal attention.  He was a hit.  He would have one person laying on the floor on either side of him and he just loved it. 

He started exploring the house a little bit but decided he did not want to go upstairs yet.  This is where our bedroom is so we decided to sleep in the living room with him last night.  He was a perfect angel. 

We are getting ready to take him for a walk up to the
local coffee shop.  He is a sweetheart!

10/26/07: First email from Oceans new family:  We are back at home and Ocean did great in the car. He was a perfect little prince.  We stopped a few times and took him for a little walk at some rest areas and he would get in and out of the car no problem and then take naps and snuggle.

He and kitty are going to be great buds in no time.  They had a staring contest for a little while and then just walked away.

I think now that Ocean is in the house he is a little confused.  He wasn't sure he really wanted to come in and now he is just sitting by the door.  I am sure he will warm up in a bit. 

We will keep you posted and again THANK YOU so MUCH!!!   We just adore him!

10/01/07:  Ocean is doing great.  He loves everyone.  Loves attention.  Loves walks and car rides and other dogs to play with. He eats calmly, does not interfere with the others while they are eating, has no food issues other then he just enjoys a good meal of kibble and is delighted if a little something is added as a treat.  No accidents in the house which is typical for the privacy oriented Pyr.  Ocean does very little barking.  He warns if someone pulls into the driveway (usually the paper delivery) or if a critter gets in the yard, but he has not nuisance barked.  He spends most of the night right beside my side of the bed but will occasionally go out the doggie door and quietly 'check on things' outside.  He does play hard and rolling in the dirt is part of the fun.  He is great for a bath and enjoys being brushed.  He is beyond the chewing stage and has not offered to get on the furniture since being told "no" just once. He really is the perfect Pyr.
9/15/07: How anyone would abandon this boy is a mystery, but as typical of the discarded Pyrs, this cute fuzzy puppy got big. 
 Ocean was pulled from animal control before he was to be put down. Boy is he grateful even if he really didn't know what fate otherwise had in store for him. We took him straight to the groomers and he came out looking (and smelling) like a different dog. He is gorgeous. He was great for his bath, loved everyone. On the way home, I sat in the back seat with him and he first nuzzled my neck and then put his head on my lap and went to sleep. If that doesn't endear a dog to you, what will?

He greeted the other dogs with enthusiasm and when turned into the yard to play, after the initial sniffing, they all took off like they were old friends. Only took him watching the others to take advantage of the doggie door and come in to familiarize himself with the house.

He is good on leash. He is good riding on the seat in the car or riding in a crate. He is good in the house and made no attempt to 'mark'. There is good indication he is housetrained (most Pyrs naturally are by instinct).

He is definitely part Pyrenees but not sure what else. His disposition is that of both the Pyr and Yellow Lab. It is just great. He would most likely be wonderful in almost any active family dynamic. He is under 1 year old. Probably born around Thanksgiving 2006. Because he's young, I'm not sure if his coat will be longer or remain about the length it is, but it is so soft and baby-like right now.


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