Maddie aka Noel

11/18/09 photos

Brooks and Maddie



Maddie is doing great.  I have not seen any leaking problems.  We are still having an occasional accident but that is usually because I forgot to take her out to do her business.  We did have quiet an adventure week before last.  I think out of all of the Christmas Puppy stories I think mine is the best. 
Two weeks ago in the morning, I was in the shower and Maddie was of course standing on the other side of the shower.  I think she believes there is some type of trap door that I can escape through when the curtain is pulled.  I get out of the shower put my hair in a hair wrap thing and start to get dressed for work.  Keep in mind it is about 8:30 am.  Maddie is under my feet wanting her breakfast now.  So I put on a bra (as you get older some things must be secured immediately) and go into the garage to fill her and her siblings food bowels.  She is jumping on the inside of the door leading into my garage and pushes the button and locks me half naked in the garage!!!!!!!!!  I don't have a key hidden anywhere outside or in the garage.  I have no cell phone and no one is coming.  So I do what anyone would do and sit on the food bucket and think about my choices.  I got the cover from the back of my jeep wrapped it around me as best as I could and raised the garage door ran around to the backdoor.  Unfortunately, the backdoor was locked.  I had to run back to the front of the house and into the garage.  Needless to say I closed the garage door very quickly!  With no other choices I had to kick the door in to get back into the house.  I felt so bad for Maddie because when the door flew open it scared her and she ran and hid. 
My little girl is growing like a weed.  Two and half weeks ago she weighed 60.1 pounds.  I have been giving her fish oil and flax seed oil pills and her coat is gorgeous. 
I have been giving her flaxseed pills with her dinner.  In the mornings I have been giving her a fish oil pill.  Her coat seems to be getting thick.  You can't even tell where she had the mange.  I hope Faith get a good home soon.  You don't know how much I would love to bring Faith home to live with Maddie and Chance.  But my shepherd of sixteen years Samantha is still hanging on with her brain tumor.  She could not handle another puppy.  I saw where you put that Faith would not do well with someone who is gone during the day.  I am gone to work most days from 9:00 am to about 4:00pm.  She wouldn't be happy with us.  I have been creating Maddie during the day when I am at work.  She goes right in to the create in the morning when I leave for work.  The last couple of days she looks at me with those eyes and I let her have the run of the house with Chance and Samantha.  I am happy to report no furniture has been "modified" and there have not been any accidents.  The other night she did go stand on the dog bed and just pee.  I couldn't believe it, I had just taken her out to potty. 
She knows I am a sucker and she has me wrapped around her paw. 


5/23/07 From Maddie: 
I started my life off on Christmas Day.  A wonderful woman named Carol and her friends rescued me and my brothers and sisters from a horrible home.  My name was Noel before my family adopted me.  My new Mom is some what of a dog lover.  She named me Madeline Eleanor.  I know what you are thinking "the dog has a middle name?"  But lets face it you humans have more than one name.  My Mom saw my picture on petfinder and fell in love with me and my siblings.  My Mom's heart was broken because she had lost her buddy Nixon Millhouse  just a few weeks before she saw my picture.  Nixon was a German Sheppard that my Mom had for 15 years.  She tells me that he is looking down from heaven and tells me what a great place I have to live my life.  Since I have came to my new home I have eaten my Mom's coffee table but she says that she was never very fond of that table and my teeth marks give it extra character.
I took one of my Mom's shoes and ran out the open door to the backyard with it in my mouth.  I decided to run from my Mom with it in my mouth while she ran around the yard in hear robe trying to get it back from me.  I thought it was fun but she didn't seem to be very happy.  Right now I think my name is "Maddie NO."  But it doesn't seem to matter what I do my Mom tells me how much she loves me everyday.
I want to tell all of you thank you for saving my life.  I hope that my siblings are as happy as I am in my new home.
Thanks from the bottom of my very big Pyr heart!
Madeline Eleanor      AKA Noel     AKA Maddie No
5/22/07 From Mommy Michelle:   Sorry that I have not kept you updated.  Things have been crazy.  Ms. Maddie is awesome!  She seems to love my other Pyrenees Chance Nathaniel.  I don't think the top of his head has been dry since I brought her home.  She chews on his ears and his head.  She also is very fond of pulling on his tail.  I am happy to report that my boy has been very patient and not hurt her.  She has come to be known right now as "Maddie No"  I think she thinks that is her name.  She has tons of toys but consumed part of the coffee table!  I explained that she can't eat the furniture unless she has a job.  Since then she has not eaten anymore of the furniture.  I think my child could be a deadbeat.  The mere mention of getting a job was enough for her to stop!

Today I came home from work and was really tired so I decided to take a nap.  I picked her up and put her in bed with me and we slept for a solid hour.  I try at night to put her in bed with me but she usually gets down pretty quickly so that she can go and sleep with her brother and sister. 

This purebred Great Pyrenees puppy was born on Christmas eve with 6 littermates.  For the first 8 weeks of her life, she was exposed to very cold temperatures, crammed in tiny quarters and did not have enough room to stretch her legs.

On February 22, she and her littermates came into rescue.  When she was removed from the back of a filthy truck to be transported to his rescue home, it was apparent she was in dire need of help.  All the pups were in dire need of help.  They could barely walk, both front and back legs bent as if they had not been able to stand up in their previous confinement. And they were over 50% to 75% bald from Sarcoptic Mange.  Open sores oozed and bled; dirt crusted to their little hairless bodies.  Carefully they were placed in nice clean crates with soft bedding for the ride to the rescue home.

Since they were Christmas babies, they got Christmas names.  Noel seemed so appropriate a name for her.

After just 3 weeks of intensive nurturing, lots of natural remedies and some antibiotics, Noel was amazingly healthy, just still somewhat bald. Her hair has almost completely grown back and there is no sign of lasting scarring.  Actually she has quite a lovely coat.   

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