You Never Had a Chance

I never knew you.  Not your name or what you looked like.  I knew you were only skin on bones.  I'm sure your long white coat was matted. 

You were only looking for food and someone to be kind to you.  You found a temporary place that set out food, but you were just too uncertain to let them into your heart.  It had been broken for so long.   When you let them close enough to read the tag on your collar, you never knew... the kind man who fed you never knew...

And now your body lies by the side of the road, two bullets in it.  But you have ascended to a better place.  You will never go hungry again.  You will never lack for love and attention.  Please know that there were two people in this sometimes very cruel world who mourn your sad end.  Two people who cared what happened to you.  Two people who cry for the sadness your life was filled with.   Two people who would have given you happiness if it were not for one cruel person. 


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