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Christmas 2009
6/22/09:     Thank you so much for the information!  The pups are definitely weaned, although when momma is around, they still try to nurse.  They are approx. 25# each, and eat dry food great.  All the dogs met up yesterday afternoon, and although Monkey was suspicious of Bella, they all did just fine.  Thanks again!    Carolyn
6/21/09:   Well, we've taken in 3 more stray dogs...  A beautiful momma dog and her 2 young pups, showed up hungry, tired, and covered in ticks just over a week ago.  They look to be black lab, mixed with possibly hound or great dane.  We took them all to the vet, and he says the momma dog is approx. 3 years old, and weighs 89#; the pups are roughly 3 months, and weigh 20# each.  We took momma (Bella) in this week and had her spayed, and all the dogs checked over well, etc.  I've listed the 2 pups on, and need to get that done with Bella.  It's sure a 3 ring circus around our house right now, and Monkey isn't so sure he likes us giving extra attention to other dogs. 
     I just decided there was no way I could take them to the humane society, so they are mine until another good home(s) show up.  Any suggestions on how to get all the dogs to get along??  Sam is putting in a new fence, and when finished, we're going to keep Bella in there, along with the 2 puppies (Bogey & Bess), who are already there.  I just worry about letting Monkey into the back yard, for fear they all get into a big fight... 
     Anyway, any suggestions you may have on mixing new dogs with already existing pets, would be greatly appreciated. 
     Thanks,  Carolyn 
8/21/08:  Monkey is doing great!!  At his last vet check, he weighed just over 90 pounds.  He eats well, and love his treats!  He's just the sweetest, most affectionate dog!  He sleeps all day long, then completely comes to life starting about 5-6pm every evening.  We walk him when the sun starts going down, so that it's cooler for both him and us.  He loves walking in our neighborhood, and everyone that sees him, absolutely loves him too!  Can you believe that we've not left him one day since we got him last September?  I have no idea how he's going to act (or how we're going to get along without him) when we take a trip.  I'm really dreading being away from him at all to be quite honest.  He's truly my baby, and even when hubby's home in the evening, he still favors me most of the time.  He thinks he's a lap dog (which I love), and when I'm in my recliner, leaning back, he's actually gotten up in the recliner with me, just to get closer.  :-) 
     He can still get very timid at times, and gets spooked very easily at loud noises, things he's not sure of, etc.  We attribute this to his early life of living on the streets.  When he's acting really timid about something, or squinting his eyes (something he's done since we got him), we just talk to him gently, give him lots of love, and he settles right down.
    Okay, I'm enclosing some new pics for you, and I apologize for not updating you on Monkey before now.
Sincerely,   Carolyn   
4/23/08:   I just wanted to give you a quick update on Niko (Monkey).  He's doing wonderfully, and is so attached to us, it's unbelievable!  :)  For some reason, he's more attached to me, than Sam, but I'm sure that is because I am at home much more with him than hubby, since I don't work fulltime.  He's just the sweetest natured dog, and soooo loves people!!  Everywhere we go, if he sees someone, it's automatic...he gets sooo happy, excited, tail wagging, etc., thinking that they are there to see only him...haha. 
     We go to a particular park here in Joplin on Tuesday nights, because the people that work there, are so in love with him.  They insist on us bringing him by every week, just so they can give him treats, and lots of attention.  He loves it! 
     He still sleeps on the bed with me almost every night, and he's still got the cutest, funniest personality!  We continue to walk him at least once a day, and he's gotten quite used to this routine.  If it's almost time for his walk, and we've gotten tied up with something else, he definitely lets us know that it's his time.  :)  What can I say, he kinda rules the roost around our home, but we wouldn't have it any other way!
     Sorry to have gotten so wordy here, but I just wanted to let you know that he's doing wonderfully, and we love him more and more with each passing day!      Caroline
12/16/07:     Please forgive me for being so slow in giving you an update on Niko (Monkey).  Sam & I both mentioned this week, that we should send an email to you.  :)  He is doing wonderfully, and does something almost everyday that makes us smile and laugh.  Of course, there are times when he does something to make us frown too (digging in the yard, etc.), but overall, the smiles far outweigh the frowns.  :)  We have a digital camera with a video feature, and yesterday, I took a video of him in the first snow of the season, and again last evening of him playing in the house (his usual evening routine).  I'm going to attempt to send you these videos, but have never done this before, so am not sure you'll be able to get them.  I'm going to send them separately from this email, and when and if you do get them, will you please let me know?  I hope things are well with you and all of your furry friends, and I send you wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!     Carolyn
I took these pics of Niko this morning, and even though they are both basically alike, I'm sending them anyway.  As I type this, he is lying out on the patio, with the bright sun shining down on him...he loves it outside, but also loves to be inside with us.  I told him that you were checking up on him earlier today, and gave him a kiss for you.  ;)
10/22/07:  Just wanted to update you on how Monkey (Niko) is doing.  We absolutely love him dearly, and still think that he found us, rather than us finding him.  He gets more precious by day, and has brought us so much happiness in the short amount of time that we've already had him!  He's extremely comfortable here, and still loves following us from room to room.  He loves it when I say, "daddy's home" in the afternoon, and his tail wags so hard when he sees Sam walking in the door, that we both think he's going to break it!  :)  I'm know he's grown quite a bit since we first got him, but am really not sure how much weight he's gained.  He definitely has a very healthy appetite, and seems to love the food I'm giving him (a fairly new brand of dog food, called Blue Life Protection Formula Large Breed Puppy Food, which contains NO wheat, soy, or corn).  I'm enclosing some new pics of him.  Thanks again for blessing us with this wonderful dog!!  :)        Carolyn & Sam

9/23/07: Second email from Monkeys family:

Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that Niko is doing wonderfully!  We love him so much, and he is simply a precious dog, and so very affectionate.  He's already getting bigger, and seems so happy with us.  :)  I think he's already learned what "walkie" means, as we're taking him for a walk, twice a day.  Many people in our neighborhood already know him, as well as many other dogs around here.  He's one of the funniest dogs I've ever seen, and is so unbelievably agile and flexible!!  When he's tired, after a long walk, etc., he goes into the kitchen and literally drops like a sack of potatoes, on the ceramic tile floor!  He's just a joy to have, and we feel so fortunate in getting to share our life with him.  Just wanted to thank you again, for giving us the opportunity to have him in our life!  I'm enclosing a few new pics. of him.

9/10/07:  First email from Monkey's new family: 
Monkey is doing just great!!  Yes, he's definitely stolen our hears, right away!  It's taking all of the energy we have, getting back into "puppy" mode, but we're enjoying it so much!  He was sooooo full of energy last evening, we were both laughing so hard, I didn't think I could laugh anymore!!  He is getting quite used to getting up on any of the furniture that he chooses (and we don't mind a bit, as long as he doesn't chew on it, which he's tried a few times), and I've taken some really cute pics of him already.  He's sleeping in bed with me every night, and other than being a bit restless at times, has done remarkably well!  He's made no messes in the house at all, and is already going to the back door when he wants out!  The only barking he's really doing, is at our cat that lives outside (she's not sure what to think of him yet), so we're being very cautious with letting them get too close to one another.  I've been taking him for two walks a day, once in the morning and one early in the evening, and he's really enjoying meeting the neighborhood dogs, and other people!  :)  He seems to be having quite a few soft stools outside, so I'm monitoring that closely, and also seems to be really gassy today.  I'm hoping this is just coming from him getting used to new surroundings, people, home, etc.  I did find a local store that sells Diamond Lamb & Rice dog food, so he's eating that now.  I'm really nervous about having to leave him alone anytime soon, so haven't quite decided how I'm going to handle that.  We will absolutely NEVER leave him outside, no matter what, and will probably just close off most of the bedroom doors, etc., and let him have full access to the family room (furniture & carpeting), and kitchen (ceramic tile floor)...I just worry about leaving him for the first time, that's all.  If you have any pointers about leaving him alone, please let me know.  He does have his own memory foam, big bed in front of our fireplace in the family room, as well, which he also is enjoying.  Thank you so much for sending the pics that you took...I love them!  I'm enclosing a few pics that we've taken as well.  :)
Sincerely,      Carolyn      

Before adopted:   8/10/07: Monkey gets funnier and more loveable by the day. Smarter too. He is a great bed partner and would likewise be one for his new family, particularly a child who needed the comfort of a dog at night. I think he would do great with children. He must go to a family or person who will consider him a part of the family and let him inside the house.

7/22/07: Well, I've done it. I call him "Monkey" so often, that he is answering to it. He really is a little monkey when it comes to his antics. So smart and so funny. He has the greatest zest for life. Not afraid of the 'big guys', he will grab hold of the St. Bernard's tail and it will kind of whip him around. He finds it a delightful ride. He makes me laugh all day long.

7/18/07: Niko spends a lot of time in the house and has not had a single accident. He is becoming interested in chew toys, but for the most part likes interaction with either people or the other dogs. He is quite the character. He reminds me of a horse when he walks. He kind of prances. And when he runs, he throws his legs forward like a horse. It keeps a smile on our faces just to watch him.

7/07/07: Niko is doing great. He is still a bit 'thin haired' but more is growing in daily. He spends a lot of time in the house and does quite well on not having accidents inside as long as he has access to the doggie door.  He gets sad when he is alone. He is happy with either people or other dogs. We are working slowly on leash training and he should be really good about it in a few weeks. He does understand 'sit' already. He is getting very tall and should be a good size Pyr when grown, maybe not in weight, but in height. And yes, he does have double dews.

6/14/07: Niko arrived today. He is very thin, both in weight and hair coverage. We will be determining the cause of the hair loss and treating accordingly along with all other health testing deemed appropriate. Despite his condition, he is so sweet and loving. He just wants held. That will happen soon. I've already gotten some little kisses.

6/06/07: Niko was at a shelter that did not have the resources to treat him. He was found hiding under a car 3 weeks ago. He was very thin.


When poor Monkey came he was almost bald from mange and just skin and bones


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