Campoine aka St. Nick
Adopted 4/14/07    

8/29/10: I have tried to reach Stephanie but she does not return my calls.  I strongly suspect she has lied to me for the past 2 years and gave St. Nick away.  I do not know why people break contracts and break trusts and lie.  It will catch up to her.  All I can do is hope and pray that he went to a safe place and is being well cared for.  He had such a hard beginning, to think that any sadness and pain would repeat itself in his life is very worrisome and heartbreaking.  Carol

11/09/07 from his 'mommy': Hey I just wanted to update you on Campione. He is GREAT. He stands 31" tall and weighs 97 lbs. He sleeps with Mariska my daughter and loves to play with her. He has the best manners and truely loves us. One day a strange dog was running towards us, directly for my daughter, before I could respond Camp jumped in front of her, grabbed the dog and threw him to the ground. He then stayed there, standing over the dog and growling, until I came over and moved him. When my daughter is out and playing he wont allow anyone, even my neighbors to come near her. He knows the commands settle, sit, shake, down, guard and stay. He is off leashed trained (though we only use it when we visit relatives in the country) and also walks great on the leash. He does like to protect our cat and at night will quietly get up and do "rounds" to make sure everything is as it should be. People are amazed when they see him, he is much larger than the average Great Pyrenees and is still gaining about 6 or 7 lbs a month. Since I work at a vet clinic I x-rayed his hips just to see what they looked like since he came from a bad home and they look great, so far no signs of hip dysplasia. I did start him on a supplement called Synovi-G's, they are the highest recommended supplement on the market and are in the form of a treat (although they smell bad!). I have sent a picture of Camp on vacation with us.

5/22/07 from his 'mommy':: Camp is great, he now weighs 59 lbs and is almost as tall as Amante. Currently he has a foster sister, Scruffy, that is a terrier mix. At night they like to be kenneled together in my room. He is such a fast learner. He does not jump on people or furniture, sits on command and comes on command. He loves playing with my daughter. Mariska will run up to Camp and scream "Oh no" then take off running, Camp will chase her to the couch, or the "safe zone" and then wait till she gets down and they start over. Its so funny to watch Mariska train Camp. She will tell him, " Camp, no, sit, good dog" I will get some pictures to you in the next couple days, I promise.   Stephanie

4/30/07 from his 'mommy': Campione is doing great, he has grown 2 inches taller and now weighs 53 lbs. His favorite thing to do is annoy his big sister, Amante. He likes biting at her fur and grabbing her tail and pulling her backwards. He now spends the day in my bedroom with a baby gate blocking the door. He treats my room like his kennel and wont go to the bathroom in there. At night he sleeps on my bed on his own pillow (it was my pillow, but he adopted it as his own), every morning at 6:30 he wakes me up to go to the bathroom. He wakes me up my standing over me, his face an inch from mine and then he makes the most pitiful whine I have ever heard. He love my daughter, he has realized that she is a great person to get food from.  He is doing great with his puppy manners; he no longer tries to get on the couch, table or counters. He also is a rare Great Pyrenees, as he likes to play fetch with a tennis ball. He is such a pyr., he gives me these looks during his training sessions, they seem to say “I am so bored”. But all in all he is doing great in his training. I am sorry to read about Holly being brought back, if I had a little more space I would adopt another puppy from you. Camp is so much fun to have around and I think Amante likes the company. As soon as I get some pictures developed I will email them to you. Have a great day.    Stephanie

4/19/07 from his 'mommy': I wanted to update you on Campione’s transition into our home. During the day when I am at work he stays in my room with a baby gat blocking the door. He does great and when he is kenneled in my room he has no accidents. He loves tennis balls; he tosses it the air and then chases it around as it bounces throughout the house. He is still adjusting to my hardwood floors, sometimes he forgets and his feet slide out from under him. I have noticed the slight problem with his legs that you had mentioned in his description, I don’t think it will cause any immediate problems but I foresee him having some mild arthritis when he gets older. This is no problem; Rymadal is not an expensive drug and works wonders on arthritic dogs. I have never seen a puppy with such an appetite, every time he eats, he acts like it has been days since his last meal.  I have to feed him and Amante separately so that he does not try to eat her food. Last night they started playing, from the other room it sounded like they were going to knock the walls down. When I stepped in the living room, Amante stopped playing immediately and looked at me as if to say, “I was not playing, I swear”. She is such a serious dog; she never plays with other dogs unless I am not around. Well I thought I would keep you updated as he settles in.   Stephanie

4/17/07 from his mommy: I wanted to let you know that he is doing great, he has a new name. All my pets have Italian names so his is Trionfo Fede, which is “Triumph with Faith”.  Amante is teaching him about dog manners, Mariska is teaching him how to play gentle and I am training him on everything else. He is getting better at house training; he now knows sit, come and we are working on stay. I love the intelligence level of Great Pyrenees, but it is matched by their stubbornness.  He is learning quickly that we do not jump on people, tables and counters. He is not to happy that he is not allowed on the couch, but until he learns his puppy manners and displays them consistently he is not allowed on the furniture. He is a very quick learner though, so its only a matter of time. He is amazed by Amante, he will sit and watch her for long periods of time. Occasionally he will start barking at her, begging her to play. She responds with one deep bark, sounds like “Sit down, NOW”, because right away he sits. He makes a huffing noise at her, then walks away. Mariska likes to put the leash on him and walk him around the house.  So all in all he is doing great. If you ever want to call and check up on him feel free to.    Stephanie

This purebred Great Pyrenees puppy was born on Christmas eve with 6 littermates, this guy was the largest of the boys.  For the first 8 weeks of his life, he was exposed to very cold temperatures, crammed in tiny quarters and did not have enough room to stretch his legs.

On February 22, he and his littermates came into rescue.  When he was removed from the back of a filthy truck to be transported to his rescue home, he screamed in pain. It was apparent he was in dire need of help.  All the pups were in dire need of help.  They could barely walk, both front and back legs bent as if they had not been able to stand up in their previous confinement. And they were over 50% to 75% bald from Sarcoptic Mange.  Open sores oozed and bled; dirt crusted to their little hairless bodies.  Carefully they were placed in nice clean crates with soft bedding for the ride to the rescue home.  He intermittently screamed and growled the whole trip.

Since they were Christmas babies, they got Christmas names.  St. Nicholas seemed so appropriate for this big guy.

"Nick" was the first to be taken from the crate.  He screamed again in pain and that is when it was discovered he had a broken rib! 

After just 3 weeks of intensive nurturing, lots of natural remedies and some antibiotics, Nick was amazingly healthy, just still somewhat bald. His rib healed and he is doing great. His hair has almost completely grown back and there is no sign of lasting scarring.  However, his back legs do sometimes turn strangely when he walks.  We don't know if this is something he will outgrow or not, but it currently does not hinder his movements in any way.

4/08/07:  Nick is a real sweetheart. He is very diverse and adaptable. He is as content following and playing with his littermates as he is being held and petted by his people. It is very obvious he wants to please whom ever he is with, be it humans or animals. He is a laid back puppy and waits for attention and takes what ever comes his way in stride, including the many baths he had to endure during his bout with mange. He like cuddled and belly rubs. Nick is liable to be one of those dogs who will just be forgotten because he is so un-demanding. He would do best with someone who really would be devoted to having him as a part of the family and being sure he was included in daily routines. He could easily be ignored if his forever family did not make it a point to include him.  He has dark ears and one dark spot on his rump. Otherwise he is white. He went from 18 pounds to his current weight of 32 pounds.  He will be your typical large male adult Pyr..

Nick has been ready for his forever home since March 22. If you think Nick would fit in your family, please fill out an online application

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