Nicholas crossed the Rainbow Bridge 9/15/10.  He is missed very much.  We loved him as much as if he were a 'keeper', which it turned out her was.
9/17/10:  I guess he just knew his time was coming to an end.  I'm glad he made himself comfortable.
9/8/10: This is a 'no-no'.  Have gotten him off repeatedly.  Even made him sleep in the garage kennel one night trying to get the point across.  Put the blankets on the sofa in case he snuck up again, which he promptly did.  Rolled up the area rugs to keep him off but that did not detour him. 
9/9/10: Found him on the family room sofa this morning. This is not acceptable, but at a loss how to stop it.

8/11/10:  Progress has been great.  Nicholas is almost like a normal dog.  He even looks younger!  A little extra effort and money for a 'gourmet', nutrition filled diet has worked wonders.  He is so ready for a wonderful forever home.  I'll even provide the first month of food and meds.
7/8/10:  We are hanging in there with Nicholas.  Although most of the prognosis has been dismal, as long as he is not in pain and seems happy, we will continue to deal with his intestinal problems.   It is still difficult for him, but he is not crying anymore.  We are even jogging along for longer distances between squats.  We cheer when he poops and he prances like a puppy with joy!

There have been other miracles since I have been rescuing and there is no reason not to hope for another.  My wish is for Nicholas to be secure enough in his health to get a forever home. 

Please consider donating.  The out of pocket money spent to help Nicholas kept us from taking on 2 other sick dogs.   It is very hard to say no to other dogs, but we made a commitment when we took Nicholas to give him the best life possible.  Because he has a problem, we will not go back on our promise.