My Spirit 

When the day comes that My Spirit has left my body,
Don't call it my Death, for now I can give New Life.

If my Heart held Love,
Then place it in the Chest of the Unloved,
So the Warmth of Giving will Comfort their Soul.

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If my Ears could still Hear, 
Then place them on the Un-listening,
For they are the ones who Need to Hear, 
More then those who can not.

If my Eyes could still See, 
Then give them to the one who Will Not See.
So Prejudice will be Gone, 
For the blind do Not Judge by Color or Conviction.

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If my Voice could still Speak, 
Then place it in the Throat of the Harsh Speaking.
So their words will become Soft and Kind, 
For the mute do Not Scream.
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Give my Arms to the Mother
Who has Forgotten how to Hold her Child:
My Legs to the Runner 
Who left behind the ones who Loved him.

Give my Smile to the lonely, 
That they may learn Sharing;
My Tears to the Guiltless,
That they may find Compassion.

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And give My Spirit to the Lord,
That I may Fly High in the Heavens,
Rejoicing in the Memory 
of those Gifts I Left Behind.

Carol 1993