8/29/10: Sometimes I lose track of a dog.  I suspect Mozart has crossed the Rainbow Bridge as he would be 14 by now. 

Email from Mozart's new family: 10/23/07:  Mozart is still the BEST dog in the world!!!  He is barking a lot more, so Mozart is not only fitting in well here at home but with the neighborhood dogs as well.  We try to take Mozart on walks everyday.  He tends to be stubborn when it has rained.  Everyone is just amazed by how big and sweet he is.  However, they say his name should be Polar Bear. 
When either Chris and I get home, Mozart is waiting at the door to greet us with his tail wagging!!!  He loves getting treats!  Mozart has learned that if he is a good dog outside, he will get a treat.  So, sometimes he goes outside for a minute and comes back in and goes to the door to get one.  My favorite thing to do with Mozart is to get the mail.  He follows me out to the mailbox, looks up and down the street, and then follows me back in.  Mozart is such a good dog!
The only thing that has come up is an ear infection.  I took Mozart to Dr. Hendricks @ Germantown Animal Hospital, who fell in love with Mozart immediately (who wouldn't though), and gave me ear drops.  That was fun trying to put in his ears!!!  We did it though and he now has a clean bill of health. 
So everything is good.  Thank you again for Mozart!

P.S.  If you ever rescue a Newfoundland and it is in desperate need of a home, will you please let me know.  My dad has always wanted one, and they want to rescue a dog.
Thanks again for everything!!!  


5/02/07:  Mozart was a stray picked up by animal control.  When no one claimed him and his time ran out, I came to his rescue.  Covered in mats and fleas and ticks, this handsome boy went straight to my wonderful groomer who gave him a bath, got out the nasties and gave him his name. So far he has just been a big fluffy Teddy Bear willing to do anything asked of him. 

We suspect he was a guardian dog and just got too old and was 'thrown away' as so many Pyrs are in this area.  He deserves some pampering and human companionship in his retirement years. 

He got a thorough going over at the vet's, including CBC and snap test for Heartworm, etc.  He is generally healthy, but needs the usual worming and ehrlecia treatment although he is not symptomatic. He is thin at only 81 pounds but the worming should solve that.  I can take care of the health part, but only someone out there reading his story can give him the forever love he has surely waited so long for.

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Mozart at the County Animal Control