Morgan aka Jeepers

Summer 2010:  Sadly, Morgan had to be re-homed.  Rather then making a long trip back to Arkansas, she was taken in by a Pyr rescue in Michigan.  I will always be concerned with her whereabouts and how she is doing. 

October 2, 2008: 
I though you might want a picture of the "runt" of your litter.  Morgan is becoming a large but wonderful dog.  The picture shows her with her 115# Berner sister, Izzy. Morgan is about 90 lbs.  She wants to be petted by everybody that passes by when we go for walks and practically wags her tail off to get their attention. We could not be happier with her and thanks again for all that you do helping good dogs find good homes.


4/22/08: Morgan is 5 1/2 months old now and a healthy 48 pounds.  Most people are saying that she should double in size from now (and that was true with our other 2 when we looked up their 6 month weights)  so she is going to be a nice size girl.  She is getting over her shyness and really loves people.  Her number one friend in life is her 101 pound Bernese Mtn Dog big sister, Izzie.  They are inseparable.  We are moving to a new home shortly with 3 1/2 acres so they will have some more room to run.  There are a lot of deer where we are and they do not seem to want to play with her likes she wants.  They tend to run away and she cannot figure that out.
That's all from here.  Thanks again for the work you are doing.
March 6: We were all in the eating area of the kitchen one day and when I looked down, there were SO MANY LEGS!!!  Morgan is eating 1 Cup of food three times a day and is always looking for more.  There is a food called BLUE, I think that is a natural food we've been giving her instead of Science Diet.  Is that the right amount?  She scavenges all over for more.  She eats in a frenzy like she is starving!  I'm not sure how much she actually chews! 
     It's so funny that Weeton will be going to Michigan as well.  I guess we aren't the only crazies willing to drive that far for overnight!!! 
March5:  I just had Morgan at the vet for her last shots.  She weighs 28lbs.  How much does Weeton weigh?  Why were they rescued?  How much should they weigh at this age?  She is still very shy at times, but getting better each day.  It's very crowded in here with 3 dogs!  I guess we will have to find a bigger house!  They are getting along great.  Izzie and Morgan get along great.  They are always side by side!     Sarah

March 2: Here are a few pictures of Morgan playing and sleeping with her new sisters. If you notice in one of them she is picking on her 110 pound sister Izzy who is a Bernese Mountain dog. Those 2 really have fun as Izzy, who may be oder at 2 years old, is still a puppy at heart.  Tom



2/05/08 First email from the new parents:
  WHAT A DOG!!!!!!  You may get a message from Sarah like this also, but I have to personally that you for "Morgan."  (we finally decided on a name).  She got a clean bill of health from our vet when we got home.  He did a snap test for giardia and it was negative.  He says she will be fine and is very healthy.  She was very shy for a while then really started getting active and playful as the day went on.  Yesterday evening she was an absolute joy with my parents and my brother's family who came over to see her. She whined most of the night, but I am sure she well get over that.  Thanks again and rest assured she will be well take care of.
2/02/08: Jeepers left with her new family today. She will be living in Michigan with 2 canine big sisters and a great family of humans.  Below she is preparing for the trip by getting use to snow before she leaves.
1/30/08: Jeepers was spayed today.  Up until today, I thought she was a male.  Some how when I first "checked", I must have picked up the male twice and thought I had checked each one.  No wonder she is so dainty compared to Weeton. 

1/11/08: Jeepers is a little shy with people.  She and Weeton were the runts of the litter.  She is a follower, not a leader.  She will join in but not be the first to venture out into new territory.  She hangs back watching to see if all goes well, and then she will run to catch up.  When picked up to be petted, it takes a few seconds for her to relax in your arms, then she will snuggle right down and nuzzle in your neck. 

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