Monty aka Smokey & Olive

10/22/09 update:    Hi, Carol!
I looked at your website today and it was a little trip down memory lane. It is so neat of you to keep all of these "files" for the adopted puppies. I think it also must be so rewarding to see how they all turned out handsome looking, healthy and happy in the homes of so many nice families, and all of this thanks to your hard work and dedication.
I thought I would add an update to the "family photo album" for Monty and Olive. Both of them (and their older and quirkier sister, Chloe) are doing great. They are happy, (still) playful and have been very healthy.
On a home-cooked diet supplemented with vitamins, minerals and Cosequin, Monty (now almost 5 years old, and about 120 lbs)) is still like a gigantic puppy, leaping around like a little horse when he's happy and excited, with no symptoms of hip dysplasia or arthritis. Keep our fingers crossed! The cool weather has brought him out. He'd rather be in the backyard all day, either barking furiously at this family of raccoons that have a nest in a large tree right behind our back fence in the woods, or content to just sit there and stare into the bushes. While all summer long it was hard to convince him to even go out for a minute, now he just comes in to say hello, then he pushes the backdoor screen and runs back out. So much to do, so little time... gotta go, mom!
Olive (now 3 years old, and about 85 lbs) is as adorable as ever, as you can see in the pictures. I just want to hug her all the time. Fortunately, she seems to actually enjoy that, because it happens a lot. She is getting a little better about her fear of unfamiliar things, as we go out everyday for longer and longer walks outside the yard. Interestingly, she seems much more confident about doing that when her older sister Chloe comes along, than when it's just me taking her out. Yes, I do feel a little bit like... the chopped liver of that pack!
I have been doing all sorts of fun clicker training with all the three of them, and they all seem to have fun, even Monty, who seems to be a little... slower and more aloof than his two sharp sisters.
So this is it. All good for now. We have three great dogs and are thankful for them every single day.
Mihaela (and Charles)

3/25/07: One of his favorite hang-out places is the sand pit under this play center left behind by the previous owners.

 I guess these LGD's also tend to have a demeanor that can trigger fights. Monty is very pushy and always gets in between us and any of the other two dogs when we pet them. Also, the way he approaches other dogs at the park seems a little pushy and bully-like (at least in dog language). He walks straight up to them (rude, he should walk up with an arching path) and, being so tall, hovers with this chin over their neck, probably making them feel like he is trying to take charge. And he keeps pestering some of them until either I divert his attention, or (if I am too late) a fight starts. We haven't been at the park for quite a while. Don't wanna be known as "that lady with the mean dog". Also, he has so much room to run at our new house (which he does) and, with his hips, I'd rather give him only moderate "wear-and-tear" on the joints.

Dec 2006:   Olive has turned 5 months old a few days ago. She is now about 3 times bigger than she was when we got her from you (40.5 lbs from 13 lbs). She is still a cutie and still full of energy, although she has calmed down a little bit. She has now a mouth full of "big dog" teeth. I don't know where the puppy teeth went. I suspect they got stuck in all those sticks and tree branches in the yard that she chews all the time (Christmas tree alert..). She has a thick teddy-bear coat, lovely to sink your hands in. She looks a little bit like an Aussie "on steroids"... She is healthy and always happy, with that big puppy smile on her face. She learns fast anything I teach her, partly because food motivates her so much. She doesn't growl much anymore. I can pull stuff out of her mouth, with no nasty sounds. She and Chloe still harass Monty on a continuous basis, which he seems to enjoy just as much as them. I am attaching some current telling pix to illustrate my point...   Hope all your furry gang is doing fine.        Mihaela. 
August 2005 

June 2005: We decided to change Smokey's name to Monty. We like more "personal" names for our puppies, because it makes them more a part of the family. He already answers to this new name when called and comes running, or abandons any incipient mischief any time he hears it...

He is an incredibly cool puppy. Next to Chloe's hyperactivity, he is an oasis of calm. He's calmed down a little with the eating, but does need to chew a lot, I think because he is actively teething right now. A few days ago I found a small blood smear and next to it a small baby tooth on the couch. We had our first visit to our vet last Saturday. He weighed right at 45 lbs.  Also, Dr. Heartsill checked his teeth and her puppy age charts, and decided, much like you thought, that he is most likely a little younger than previously estimated. She thought he was probably at 18-19 weeks of age. (Christmas or New years baby.)

Monty is learning things pretty fast (considering his tender age). He now goes to the door and starts sniffing it when he needs to go out. We are also on the alert every time after he eats, plays hard with Chloe, or every hour or so and take him out in the yard, so the in-house accidents are few and far apart. He is doing his best, but I think that he still needs to grow a little bit more to get good bladder control. He knows what "no" means and also "off". He loves jumping on the couch when he plays with Chloe, but now is getting down quickly when I tell him to get off.

He and Chloe have had their little run-inns with regards to dominance. I think that for the time being Chloe is in charge, but Monty doesn't seem to take that "at face value", so I suspect that he might challenge it in the future. They like to play a lot outside, although for the time being, poor Monty has no chance in catching up with Chloe, who runs as fast as a bullet... Monty is remarkable about his encounters with large dogs that come up on the street or at our friends' places. Anytime one of them starts barking at us, Chloe tends to cower behind me, while Monty just walks up to them and starts sniffing and liking their faces, which seems to lead to instant pacification. The time he spent at your place with all the other older dogs might play a part in it, or maybe it's his personality. No teenage problems so far, but I guess boys are always slower than girls...

Yesterday afternoon we worked on our flowerbeds for the summer. Monty was right there, rolling in the fresh dirt, eating it and then lying down in the middle on the flowerbed, with a content look on his face. Not much help, but a lot of comic relief! Also, he got a lot of attention from all the girls walking on the street.... Last night we bought a small wading pool for them and I can wait to put it up tonight, if it won't rain.

The one thing I find exciting about puppies is the tremendous potential that lies beneath their adorable and goofy looks. I can't wait to see how Monty turns out.        Mihaela

Monty (aka Smokey) in his new home with his new sister Chloe. May 2005

Updated: 5/01/05  Smokey went to his forever home today.  He has a new Sister named Chloe who is a 9 month Australian Shepherd.  They met and hit it right off with zoomies around the living room and dining room non stop.  Although they are the same size today, I suspect Chloe will need some 'femanist training' real soon so as not to be outdone.  Thanks Mihaela and Charles for opening your home and hearts to Smokey.
Smokey is a very fluffy puppy and may have a typical fluffy GP coat although it is a dark grey in color.  He also has streaks of cream in the grey and white on the neck, chest and paws. His mom is Great Pyrenees of about 90 pounds.  The dad is an Anatolian Shepherd. Smokey is very affectionate.   He likes to have you sit on the floor and give him scratches and hugs but he wants to reciprocate the attention by nibbling your ear and loves to give big wet kisses!!  He gets along great with the other puppies, dogs and with people. He stands up for his rights but is not aggressive. He LOVES to play in the water.  He jumped right into the wading pool.  He also likes mud and has begun digging in wet areas. He rides well in a car and goes easily into a crate.  Although he has not spent much time in the house, I think he will be easily house trained. He seems to prefer outside but would definitely want time inside also, with his people. He rarely barks. He is cat friendly.  Born 11/29/04.  On 4/01/05 he is the heaviest of the puppies at 29 pounds.  The vet gave him a clean bill of health.  He was neutered on 4/08/05 and weighed 31.5 pounds. He has now started a growth spurt and is getting very big and tall.  He is gaining right on schedule for his age at a half pound a day. His follow up exam and immunizations were on  4/22/05 and he weighed 39.3 pounds.

Smokey LOVES mud and water.  We have a wet weather creek but it hasn't rained for several days.  Good thing he loves a bath.

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