Rescued April 3, 2006  Crossed the Rainbow Bridge Jan. 14, 2014



It has now been a whole year since I lost Misha. I use the term “lost” whenever I tell anyone about her, but I know that makes it sound like I misplaced her somewhere, which is the furtherest thing from the truth. Over the eight years that we were together, I would have found it quite difficult to misplace a 125 pound white fur-ball who didn’t usually stray too far from me. She was my shadow; she was my friend.

I have tried to write something about her for months now, but have found it almost impossible to do. Nothing that I can put on paper will ever do her justice. I have had many dogs over my long life, several of which I have really loved, but the relationship that I had with Misha goes far beyond any of those.

Yes, I will want another Pyrenees in my life - one or more - eventually. They are a magnificent and wonderful breed. I cannot count the times that we were stopped while out walking or at the park by people who were fascinated by the sight of her: “How much does ‘he’ weigh?”; “How much does ‘he’ eat?”; “Can I take a picture of ‘him’?”; etc. (Everyone would always assume that such a large dog HAD to be a male.) Little children and even adults wanted to grab hold of her to feel the soft, thick fur, and Misha, being the diva that she was, loved every minute of all the attention that she received.

To say that she was sweet, gentle, silly, affectionate, intelligent, stubborn, calm, protective, and beautiful is to only touch on a some of her qualities. She and I were a perfect match, and I can truthfully state that I will never, ever be as good of a human as she was a dog.

My heart still breaks and I tear up whenever I think about her. Yes, Misha was a rescue who I adopted, but, if anything, she rescued me, and helped me through some of the toughest times in my life. Unfortunately, when congestive heart failure decided to take her from me, there was nothing that I could do. Even then, though, I believe that she was the one trying to comfort me as I attempted to be strong for her in those final weeks and days.

I would like to take this opportunity to again thank Carol for rescuing Misha nine years ago and for giving her a second chance, and also for her believing in me, that I would make a good mom to such a special animal.

And to Misha: Thank you for being a part of my life. You brought love and joy to my heart and made me a better person. I will love you always.


2/19/11: Misha and her mommy, Marilou came to visit.  It has been 5 years since I rescued her from death row in West Plains.  These reunions are what makes it worth all the work, money, time and emotional investment.

July 21, 2009 update: Carol:   Just wanted to let you know that I now have a certified therapy dog (well, I will once I send all the paperwork in)!
      Misha passed her Therapy Dogs International Test on Saturday, which, of course, wasn't a problem for her. (Misha's biggest problem is her mom's habit of putting off doing stuff when she should have done it a lot earlier.)
      Anyway, we'll soon be able to go on visits, and I've been talking to both a group and individuals who do therapy work.  The only part I dread is getting her clean enough before we go each time - Misha has this great affection for dirt and mud.
      Other news (I don't know if I mentioned this to you) is that I also have a would-be agility dog, at least as much as any Pyr wants to do agility.  We took a short intro class in late spring, and she loved it and did well at it, much more so than the other classes we've taken at the dog club.  (I know she could do anything she wants to do, but she's a little too independent for regular obedience. I think she also liked the agility class being outside.)  I plan to continue with the agility in the fall, and I know the colder it gets outside, the more she's going to enjoy doing it.  I got limited registrations for her with both AKC and UKC so we can compete in either agility or rally or both.  We may not win anything, but I think we'll have a lot of fun.
      And, my other great plan is try drafting/carting with her.  I'm talking to some local folks who do this with their big dogs, and would like to get started when the weather gets cooler. We are staying busy, as you can see.
      Hope you and yours are doing well.  As always, I continue to thank you for bringing Misha into my life.  It's been a blessing for both of us.       Marilou

On 1/08/09 I sent "I rescued a Human Today" to Marilou and this was her response: 

Yes, that certainly reminds me of when Misha "rescued" me that day, April 20, 2006, when you brought her down to me in England.  Misha may officially be the rescued one, and people often tell me, after hearing that she's a rescue, that she's lucky to have found a home with me.  But I respond to them that *I'm* the real lucky one to have had such a special girl become part of my family.
Thanks for sending this,   Marilou

Christmas 2008 update: 

Just wanted to let you know that Misha passed her Canine Good Citizen test yesterday at the Little Rock Dog Training Club.  (Of course, she could have done it long ago had I just taken her to do the test.)
Anyway, we're going to also be taking the Therapy Dogs International test when it's offered this spring.  We'll be working with the Heeling Angels Therapy Team at our church - Misha will need to have the TDI certification before they'll let us participate in everything that they do here in Little Rock, but their leader told me that once she had her CGC, Misha could begin working at some locations where they go.
Also, we plan on starting with rally classes in January, and I'm going to get her Limited Privilege registration so that Misha can participate in trials.
Needless to say, we're having a great time together!
Yesterday, there was another rescue at the CGC testing (about 12 dogs in all), who went before us.  The poor boy, who had gone through some obedience training, was really terrified of the tester touching him.  The tester, talking with her assistant and the dog's owner, made a comment about his being a rescue, and, that although he didn't pass everything yesterday, he did good considering where he had come from.
When it was our turn, I couldn't resist telling the tester that Misha was also a rescue.  She, like most everyone whom I tell, was impressed that such a beautiful and intelligent dog was rescued.  I guess some people think rescues are always mixed breeds who have lots and lots of problems.  While I know that's true in some cases and that I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful dog as Misha, I bet there's lots of other great rescues similar to Misha just waiting to be adopted.
I'll let you know how our therapy work and rally training go.
Happy Holidays,       Marilou & Misha


Misha was in her last moments of life when rescued from an animal control facility.  This young Great Pyrenees girl is amazingly well behaved.  She is off leash obedience trained and will walk right next to you, stay when told and come when called.  She is equally obedient on leash. She will also offer her paw if you offer your hand to shake.  She has been inside as much as outside at her foster home.  She prefers inside right near her people.   She likes tennis balls and popsicles.  She was given a stuffed teddy bear and she cuddles up to it at night, making no attempt to tear it up. 

Misha is so easy to love.  She loves to cuddle and gives lots of kisses and wants to please , yet is playful, adventurous and comical.  If you do not have a good sense of humor, don't apply to adopt her. 

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