Mint got a forever home through Big Dogs Huge Paws.

12/01/15:  Mint is such a sweet boy.  He just needs a rural setting.  He would be great for a family with or without children, the elderly, an active person.  He would fit into any rural family situation perfectly. 

I moved him back into the house after some months outside.  He blended right in with the pack of 14 other Pyrs and Komondors.   

6/15/15: Since his return he has settled into the open spaces of country life just fine.  He does miss his family, but the stress of protecting them from the evil noises of city life was just too much.  He is enjoying watching birds that swoop too close or squirrels running up a tree.  He is getting along with most of the other dogs.  He got along fine with the dog he shared space with at the other home.  He is good on leash and in the back seat of the car.  He would be great with children or the elderly and any family lifestyle in between as long as the setting were rural and no garbage men tried to make off with the trash. 

He is very tall and lanky.  About 30" and 100 pounds.  Not done growing as he is under 2 years old.

3/24/15:  Mint is going to have to be a country boy.  He tried City life and it was just not for him.  He is very protective of his people and protecting them against the garbage truck and the mailman was just too stressful.  He needs a rural home with lots of fenced space to patrol. 

7/1/14: just arrived.

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