Mini Prayers

When things get in the way of Progress: Thank you God for making me slow down and think about what I am doing.  I know this is your way of  keeping me from making bigger mistakes.


When someone is Rude: Please protect them, Lord,  so they may live long enough to become a happy, compassionate person.


When a Challenge seems to great: Thank You God for presenting me with this challenge.  I know it may not be in your plan for me to conquer it.  It may be meant as a learning experience.


When Loneliness seems overwhelming: Please, God, help me to reach out to others who are in need of a friend.  Direct me where I can brighten someone's day.


When Worry brings Fear: Thank You Lord for being with me. Help me feel the peace that comes with knowing I can turn my worries over to You and You will handle everything in the best way.