4/11/07: Mikey and his sister Gabrielle have quite a story.  They were part of a litter of nine that were yanked from their mother way too soon. They were bottle fed by one of the local shelter volunteers until they were old enough to eat on their own.  Their brothers and sisters began to be adopted, but for some reason 'Gabby' and Mikey were not chosen.  As they grew older, they were put in puppy obedience class.  They graduated with "Star Pupil" accolades and a diploma.  Then they moved on to regular obedience class where again their wonderful enthusiasm to please shined and they graduated with honors at the top of the class.  The trainer told me that they were the youngest pups to ever complete the training with such precision that she had ever had.  She said the Mikey never ceased to surprise her with his quickness to catch on.

Many visitors came to the shelter.  Many dogs and puppies were adopted.  Gabrielle and Mikey were always left behind.  One of many reasons an animal is chosen for euthanasia is because it has been at the shelter 'too long'.  Time had run out for Gabby and Mikey.  Sadly, I had to leave others behind to meet their fate, but I could at least rescue these 2 "Star Pupils" who had worked so hard and so willingly to please.  

Mikey jumped right in the car and was excited for a new adventure.  He rode well, sitting quietly but alert to the scenery going by.  Once his excitement waned, he was ready to do his obedience.  He walked nicely to his kennel, but was a bit sad not understanding that he would get more attention later.  When he got to be indoors, he settled right in with the toys I offered.  He greeted the other dogs with a friendly wag and sniff and then just went about with his exploring and play.  We worked a little on 'stay' so I could get some good photos, but he was still a bit excited to have someone give him attention so as soon as I lowered the camera, he came over poking his nose in the lens. 

He is 11 months old and hits me about mid knee.  He weighs about 30 pounds.