Cali aka Melonie

1/30/16: ….I live in Boston. My fiancée and I have adopted Melonie (we now call her Cali) who we just found out you fostered. Tin tin's adopter found your blog and notified me she found out they came from the same group to Boston!
     I just wanted to let you know we have had Melonie for over 3 months and she is the joy of our lives (although sometimes mischievous as you can imagine!) She is a complete love and has taken to our home and cat with ease. She fills us with so much happiness every day even though it's only been a few months. We did find out shortly after adopting her that she is uneasy of certain strangers (particularly women). She takes to men really well and does great with people when other dogs are around. She has made tremendous strides however since we've had her and we plan on enrolling her with a behaviorist to sort out any lingering fear she may have.
      I just wanted to thank you for what you do for many dogs and we are so grateful you took her in as we now have an amazing addition to our family! Everyone loves her too, all the people at the dog park absolutely adore her and say she's the sweetest dog ever
    We'd love to know if you have any more information to share about her! She was about 7 months in May right? Also it appears Missy was her sister, is that correct?  A Pyrenees/lab mix? We are so curious as to what her mix is and more of her history! Thanks so much!  Shalyn

8/3/15: Melonie has been moved into the house.  She is getting along with everyone.  Labs just seem to do that.  A little unsure of the doggie door even though she had one on the house on her yard.  After her initial "I'm so happy to have people in my life", she settled right down.  She checked out the kitchen, then the living room.  After wrestling with Gracie Lynn, she has curled up beside the dining room table and is fast asleep.  

5/21/15.  Mercy...She does not look at all like the 'puppy' I thought was coming.  Scared, small compared to the pack, and currently in bad need of grooming.  Possibly Pyrenees and lab mix.  About 7 months old.