5/30/12:  Max was on the verge of being shot because he had a fondness for chicken dinners.  He is now safe in a foster home where he will be cleaned up (a real matted, flea infested mess) and given good food and care so he can put on the weight he needs to gain.  That thick, unkempt coat is hiding a very thin fella. 
     Although my encounter with him has been brief, 50 miles of travel, he has shown to be a very sweet, eager to be loved young boy.  He rode very well and was very good on leash.  He knows "sit".  He is 8 months old, born October 16th and weighs 77 pounds but should reach 100+ when full grown. 
6/3/12:  Maxwell has fit wonderfully into his foster home.  He is enjoying his new friends and all the adventures and obviously the mud!

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