Max aka Matsu

2/27/11:  I snapped this photo this morning.  Thought I'd share it with you.
Have a great Sunday!     Shannon

2/22/11:  Took this photo of Matsu a few moments ago.  
He's laying down & waiting for a belly scratch.  :)  
He's overdue for a trip to the groomers (look how shaggy!).  
Today we've been running around in the back yard & enjoying 
the sunny weather here.  
He is doing fine & is still such a wonderful companion.


4/03/10:  I chased Matsu around the house trying to get a good picture to send you....evidently he had enough of my nonsense and went to his bed!  He had a haircut & brush out at the groomer's yesterday & he looks so handsome.  The groomer put him in "the little dog room" for a little while and she said he just looked around and then laid down among the Pomeranians & Yorkies.   Wish I had a photo of it!   On the way home he decided to climb over the back seat of the SUV so he could sit next to my daughter.  She wasn't feeling well and Matsu curled up next to her (as much as a 90 lb dog can curl up) and rested his head on her leg.  He's such a sweetheart. 
    Hope all is well with you & thanks again for helping Matsu find us.  God bless you for all the wonderful work you do!       Shannon

 11/09/09: Max is still doing great.  He is absolutely the big lug of a dog that we were hoping to find.  He's always happy whether he's going for a walk or laying on the floor watching cartoons with Madison.  His nickname is Sir Sleeps-a-Lot because he likes to nap (we have that in common).

He doesn't pay that much attention to Madison. I think she's a bit intimidated by his size, too. I've started having Madison give him of treats every day as a means to bring them closer. Max did go into guard mode with her during one of our walks recently. A gentleman stopped his car to speak with us and Max put himself crosswise in front of Madison. Max slowly edged her further away from the car. Madison fell down but hopped back up and said "Oh, MAX!" It was really kind of cute.

We crack up watching him  play with his dog toys.  He loves to clown around but is miserable at "fetch."  He has lots of fans at our local Petsmart and was great at the vet's office.  Max is just a great dog.  Thanks for helping him find us!     Shannon

 10/14/09 Hi, Carol.
     Matsu is still doing great.  It's as if he has always been a part of our family.  We've started calling him Max.  He responds to it  just like he does when we call him Matsu, so we think he's ok with it.
     I've introduced him to our chickens and to the neighbor's horses and he was steady as a rock.  No barking, no fear, no problem.  He loves the dog bed I made him, but he loves the bed in the spare room more.  If given half a chance he would sleep in bed with us.  He's just a big sweetheart.
     We've been taking him on walks about every day.  We gallop to the end of the driveway and then stroll the rest of the time.  He does great on the leash and loves to meet new people while walking.  Wish I'd had him 13 years ago when I was a single lady because he's a guy magnet!  (You just can't get that kind of interest walking a Yorkie!)
      Thanks again for loving our dog and for the great work you do.    Shannon


   9/29/09:  Matsu is doing great. Thanks for loving him so much. We've had him out on several short walks & he did very well.  He's definitely coming out of his shell - he barked at one of the cats when she showed interest in his chicken & rice today.
9/28/09 7:47  PM :   So far things are going well. You should have seen  Matsu chasing my husband around in the backyard this afternoon. He was having a ball! Of course it didn't last long before Matsu decided he'd rather have a drink and sit on the porch. Maddie got a big kick out of it.
Matsu has a forever home.  Thanks Shannon for giving him a great family to call his own.

Matsu is a social fella who loves greeting new people.  He had resided at a retreat camp and greeted all the visitors with a happy 'welcome'. He is great with children, cats and other dogs.  Because he is typical Pyrenees, he tends to expand his territory and this became a problem since he was wandering onto government forestry land. 

He rides great both in the back seat of a car or SUV.  Crating is not necessary   He walks good on leash and is agreeable with anything you ask him to do.  He was great for his bath.  He is very loving, yet is fine being by himself for awhile.  He is thoroughly a joy to have around.

Matsu is a companion dog and not a field dog.  He turned 5 years old this May and weighs 80 pounds.  He is neutered & UTD on immunizations and preventatives. 


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