I will remember your name

By Paige (aka: malnmutt)   5/28/06

At shelter, when a dog is PTS it seems like they try to erase their existence. Their kennel card gets taken down, the tag on the outside gets taken, their name gets either whited out or completely blacked out from the exercise list. It's strange. It's like they figure that... I don't even know.

I will remember them and share what I knew...I'll add periodically, just so I remember. Doesn't seem fair that they just get forgotten. Their life meant something to me.

So here they are as I remember them:

Bailey: Your parents had you for ten years and then they decided they didn't want you anymore so they gave you to us. You had too many health problems for us to fix.

Autumn: A sweet old Cocker. Someone had done something awful to you and I hope that they were able to avenge you. I hope your passing was peaceful.

Cole: You were so scared and you bit in your new home. I'm sorry you felt that you needed to, and it was your undoing.

 Hunter -  not sure where you are right now.  Did they REALLY take you to red bank?  Last we called they were still 'on our way'.  Should have known they would go home first....after all anyone who can run over there own dog, TWICE must not be thinking clearly.  Can an 80lb dog really feel like a skate board under a tire?  even so,  Why didn't they check before they changed direction and ran you over again? after all they have kids, and it could have been one of them!   I hope you are not still suffering with your badly mangled leg.

Unknown - Is it because it is spring time?...cars and pets just do not get along.  Dropped off for help for injuries to your pretty little head, your nose finally stopped bleeding and your breathing sounded better ... but then she called and said... "why should I pay the bill?!  I'm not the owner!" with no one to pay to rewire your jaw....she probably just thought by misleading us she was 'saving you' or 'giving you more time' but I'm sorry she delayed us from putting you out of your misery 10 hours ago when you were first dropped off.

 Tango: A young blonde cocker.  Bad breeding made you what you were and sentenced you to your death. Just an adolescent and already so dangerous.

Harriman: An old cattle dog mix. I'm sorry you got dumped in the twilight of your life when someone should have been caring for you and saying "I love you" in your end.

Cody/Lenny: I don't even know what to say to you, my darling Lenny. I wish it wouldn't have happened.

Michiah: A female pit mix. Life ,it seemed, just dealt you a shit deal. People loved you, I hope you knew that.

 Pumpkin: A an old golden mix. Dumped off for some stupid reason or another. You were old and in poor health. I love to hear your goofy bark and you were so sweet. I wish they would not have waited so long to release you from your pain. It is so cruel to keep you in your kennel after a lifetime of being in a home.

 Rudy: A young German Shepherd mix. His hips were so bad it made him unadoptable. Another dog who got a shit deal b/c of irresponsible breeding.

Poppy--little beagle mix. I'm sorry this happened to you. You were so sweet, but fear ruled your life and I'm so sorry.

Palo--Sweet pittie boy who succumbed to the kennel

Audrey--You were found with full teats and no babies. Lord knows what you went through and your deterioration in the kennel was swift and I'm sorry we couldn't help you.

Christalina--You were a beautiful, old rottie girl who could barely walk. You were missing hair on your back half and you had calluses on your behind but you still loved people and were so full of life but you were physically suffering. I'm glad I was there to make your last weeks probably the best in your life.

Elizabeth--No doubt Christalina was your mother. You too were sweet and loving and gentle but your body was rife with physical ailments that were too much for us to handle.

Duke--A young dobbie mix who grew up in shelters and didn't know how to act with his size and was just too much for the average owner. I know you didn't mean to bite the boy. You were just a puppy yourself.

Jin--a Jindo who we couldn't touch. I remember when they pulled you out of your kennel how you screamed and screamed. You taught me to always have compassion. I'm sorry that was your last memory.

The Old German Shepherd--I forgot your name, and I'm sorry. You were very old and incontinent and riddled with tumors and blind and mostly deaf. I'm sorry someone let you get like that and it was only with kindness that we released you from your pain.

Felix: A pittie boy who suffered so much. You had terrible separation anxiety and they got you help with medication and behavioral therapy, but you were never quite housebroken and after all that, your owners couldn't make even a small commitment to you. At the shelter your behavior deteriorated and you were no longer adoptable. We euthanized you to release you from your pain. I'm so sorry that no one would commit to make your life happy.

Patricia--A young female pittie puppy. You came in and on were so scared and wanted to be with people so bad that you refused to go back in your kennel and bit. I'm sorry that you felt that was your only choice and maybe if you weren't a pit, you may have had a chance.

Georgette--You got to live a home for two months but fear ruled your life and made you unsafe. I hope you've found the peace you needed.

Goofy--God, I'm so sorry. You had a disease that we couldn't treat and no one wanted to take on the expense and so we took your life to save you from misery. You were a sweet dog and I wish I could have done something for you.

 Rocky: A beautiful beagle girl who's owner's husband died and when she couldn't cope with that loss, she gave you to us. You were beautiful and spunky and sweet and everyone loved you. You got to go to foster care and then they discovered you had Cushing's disease and you were put to sleep. I'm sorry but I think you know that everyone loved you very much. I'll miss your woo-woo's in the morning.

 Dylan: They adopted you and never did a thing with you. You came back a huge, sweet but terribly animal aggressive dog. You just couldn't be near any other animal and due to your size, it was too much. You were a big love with people, but your aggression with other animals was too much. I'm so sorry.

 Mya: You were dumped at an animal hospital and then brought to us. You were aggressive and terrified, and I can only imagine what was done to you... or more likely what wasn't done. Nobody probably ever took the time to socialize you and you paid the price. They told me what your end was like and I'm sorry that was your last memory.

Jindo: The didn't even have the decency to euthanize you themselves. They dumped you off without a care for how you would die alone. I'm sorry.

 Carrot: A beautiful chocolate colored pit mix. You were so sweet and kind. You didn't even mind other dogs (didn't like them, but never went nuts at them) You loved tennis balls and would drag us across the lawn just get one to carry around. You loved to cuddle and get pets. Both of your knees were totally blown out and we just couldn't fix them. You were in pain all the time and we would not have been able to find you a home. It seems like no one wants a pit, and they certainly don't want a crippled pit. I loved you, and you were important to me. I'm so sorry.

Estrelitta: A very young chow mix who was raised in shelters and was just too much. She was dangerously mouthy and unsafe to be with. Her behavior kept escalating until she was unmanageable. She was sweet and loved attention and that was why she did what she did, but it was that that ended up being her end. We did what we did to save her from a life of confinement and misery in a kennel. I'm sorry.

Arnold: you were an elderly cocker spaniel with a myriad of health problems. You remained friendly and sweet and your bark made everyone giggle. We did it to release you from your pain.

Baby: I guess, right now, I'm a little angry at you. Why couldn't leave the sutures alone?
You were such a sweet dog and I wish I didn't have to see you like that. I wish you didn't have to go like that. I know people were with you who loved you, but, I wish you had just left them alone.

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