Major aka Thor

5/31/2012: It is with such sadness that I received word Major passed away this morning.  He peacefully fell asleep on the kitchen floor and just did not wake up.  He will be greatly missed not only by his family, but by members of their community that had grown to love him and look forward to seeing him at his job every day.  My deepest sympathies to Karen and Blake.
3/23/10: Major gets smarter every day.  He has filled out and is so handsome.  Major has never torn up anything and never gets into mischief. He lets us cut his nails and comb him, even clean his ears - no problem.   He loves to ride in the back of the SUV.  We take him to the park and out in the country to run.  Major will go straight to the truck when asked, "Wanna go for a ride?" and then will go back when told, "Let's go."  No leash needed!  He loves the kids next door as well as my great nieces and nephews. 
      Major, the dachshund, and two cats (all rescues) are a sight to behold, all living and playing together. Right now he's lying next to his bowl while the dog from next door eats his food. He sleeps every night on his bed in the floor beside me.  He makes every step I make all day long.  When I take a bath, he lies beside the tub.  Sometimes he drinks the water; I tell Blake I always wanted a man that would drink my bath water and now I have one!  You should see him try to curl up in my lap. 
     Honestly, I couldn't ask for a better dog.  He is spoiled and very much loved. I am thankful every day you let him come to live with us.  Thank you again,   Karen

update 4/23/09 :Just to let you know...Major is a fully adjusted, wonderful pet.  He is just the best dog.  I don't know how we ever survived without him!   Karen
10/10/08 update:  Major has been with us a year now.  He has overcome his fears and is a great pet.  Major could be the poster child for 'second hand' pet adoption.  When our 14 year old dachshund died in May, Major grieved as much as Blake and I.  Soon after, I got a call about a Weimer that needed a home.  Major took to her immediately.  In fact, we think he fell in love!  We've also added a Siamese kitten from the local shelter so there's never a dull moment. 
Through Major, I've become an advocate for adoption of rescued animals.  I encourage friends (and strangers) to consider a rescued pet FIRST!  Thanks again for allowing Major to live with us.  Attached are recent pictures of Major with my great niece, Chloe, and the kitten, Sophie.   Karen

5/10/08: At first I wondered if I'd done the right thing by adopting a dog with a few issues.  Major has made quite a transformation in the past six months.  He is now a part of the family.  Major has his routine, just like the rest of us.  He sleeps on his bed in the floor beside me every night.  When the alarm clock goes off, it's breakfast time.  Then outside if I'm working, or inside if I'm staying home.  Night time means lots of attention and petting.  Major loves to ride in the car, take walks, and play fetch.  The kids next door come to visit him every day.  His tail wags constantly; he is a happy dog.
I have to tell you, he is just about perfect!  I love this dog.  Thank you again for allowing him to live with us. Karen
1/27/08: This is the first weekend I've quilted since we picked Major up in October.  I thought he needed my attention, so I've put off the sewing for three months.  This weekend, I decided to drag out fabric, machine, etc.
Do you know how hard it is to quilt or sew with an 80 pound beast trying to sit in your lap?  Blake and I have laughed all weekend.  He steals the fabric when I'm not looking.  Anything to make me stop what I'm doing and pet him.  Right now he's asleep at my feet. 
12/21/07: Major is so rotten, it's pitiful!  That dog loves me...thinks my ankles are chew toys and my calfs are for him to give love nips.  That hurts!  He tries to sit in my lap...not happening.  He loves to step on the back of my shoes, but so I'll fuss at him.  He has a big personality which shows more and more every day.
Major loves to be brushed and petted.  His tail wags almost all the time. The diarrhea is history.  He will sit, lie down, shake sometimes, and likes to play fetch.  We haven't conquered the leash and a controlled stroll, but we're still trying.  He isn't food driven, but he eats well at night.  He's gaining weight, his coat is shiny, and he is just a most handsome beast. 
It took him five weeks to walk down the hall to the bedroom.  About twice a week, he wants to sleep in the floor beside me.  Other times, he wants to sleep outside.  We leave the choice up to him, unless it's really cold or stormy. Major has wonderful house manners.  He lies down where ever I spread his blanket and doesn't bother things that don't belong to him.  He loves stuffed animals and big chew bones. 
Major likes almost everyone and everyone's dog.  Jenny has grown to tolerate him quite well.  I had a friend's dog over here yesterday; they were so funny.  Just like two year old kids.  He still has some issues with Blake, but no one else.  Some days he's shy and afraid around Blake; other days they are friends.  Blake tries so hard, but Major has some issues we'll probably never understand.  No telling what happened to him in the past. 
It's been raining the past two days.  Major just cannot understand why his muddy butt can't come in the house.  I think I'm going to try to bathe him in a little while so he can come in tonight.  I'm sure getting him in my bath tub will  prove to be a memorable experience.
Hope you have a nice holiday.  Major sends a wag and a big sloppy kiss.   Karen

December 2007 photos

11/16/07: Every day Major shows improvement in some area.  He is eating very well and looks as though he has gained some weight.  He still needs lots of work with leash walking, but has fetch and sit down to a fine art.  My shoulder stays sore from all the pitching.  He is comfortable on the inside patio and the living room as long as I'm the only one home.  He loves to lie beside me with his paw rested somewhere on my leg.  The best thing is Major wags more often every day.
Major does very well with the company of strangers.  If everyone just sits down, given a few minutes he's a friendly sort.  My son's girlfriend calls him, "that hairy beast" but she pets him nonetheless. 
Yesterday I went out the back gate to a neighbor's house.  Major could not understand why I wouldn't let me go along.  When I returned (no more than five minutes later) he had dug a huge hole in an attempt to follow me.  He was quite proud of his accomplishment...and covered with mud.

11/02/07: Another great day!   Major met my son and his girlfriend and took to the both from the start.  They played ball and chase for a long time this afternoon.  Bless him, he doesn't really know how to play, but he catches on quickly.  Now and then he'd have to come back to me for a pat, but he was so personable, it was just amazing.  When he got tired.  He laid down in front of me and rolled over so I could rub his belly!
       Just a few minutes ago, some folks walked down the alley making alot of noise.  He actually barked at them, then looked over at me to see it that was OK. 
       I accidentally discovered he LOVES sausage and cheese. 
      We hope to move his dog house out to the back of the fence, his favorite place in the yard.  I think he likes it there because he can keep an eye on everything from that spot. 
       I fully expected him to hide behind the shed for six months.  I realize he may regress tomorrow, but today was a good day.
11/01/07: The past days have been encouraging.  Major has his episode of shyness but for the most part I think he's done exceptionally well.  He had diarrhea the first 24 hours, but I found real turds this morning! 
      A neighbor brought her two year old Weimeriener (sp?) over twice to visit.  Major is at his best when Lucy is here to play.  He lets everyone pet him because she lets everyone pet her. 
      The trip to the vet for suture removal was a hoot.  If someone had video, it would be a hit on U-tube.  I was walking Major to the car, Jenny ran between my feet and I almost fell.  During that, Major got loose and ran a half block away.  I don't know why, but he had mercy and came back to me.  Then he wouldn't get in the car.  I wondered how in the world we would ever get him in the vet's office.  Well, he prissed right on in there like a champ.  When we got back home, he was withdrawn the rest of the night.  This morning, he was ready to eat and then play ball and chase.  By the way, he weighed 75 pounds.
      I didn't expect him to adjust as well as he has so quickly.  His tail is never tucked, and he actually wags sometimes.  Yesterday he barked and was attacking something in the garden.  I thought it was probably a snake, but it was a wasp.  He has a nice voice.  I know he has a long way to go, but we really like him.  Thanks for letting Major come to live with us.

10/29/07: Thor has been adopted.   He is now named Major.  He has a wonderful new family.  It was obviously meant to be because he warmed right up to them and is not near as nervous as he was here nor as we anticipated he would be in new surroundings.  Everyone is thrilled and I'm sure from what his new family told me about his first hour there, he is happy too.

10/06/07:  Thor is gaining confidence but still has a long way to go to overcome his fear caused by obvious abuse in his past.  He is starting to give me little kisses when I hold his food bowl for him to eat.  He won't eat if I am not there to 'protect' him.  He actually has come into the house a few times, but only briefly.  He is very nervous inside unless all the other dogs are surrounding him.  If they spread out, he runs back out the doggie door.  I know he will overcome this soon.  I know it sounds like long process and it IS!  But we will get there.  He was not made this way overnight and it will take as long as it takes, but he will be fine.

9/15/07: Thor just came into rescue to be saved from euthanasia. A little scared at first, in just a few hours he has settled right in. He is very social with people. He also wants to be with the other dogs and seems very friendly towards them, but until he is vet checked, he has to be alone.

He is pretty skinny and was flea infested. He's had a bath. He was very cooperative for the groomer. He will be neutered as soon as he has gained some weight and the vet is sure he is in good health.

I've taken him for several walks and he's done well on leash. A little unsure of commands, I do think that he has had some exposure though. He is smart and quick to catch on.

He could easily be purebred, but we are just not sure. He is small for the breed, but then it is obvious he has not had the best of care recently. He is about 2 to 3 years old. His ideal weight for his size should be around 75 - 80 pounds. Right now he needs to put on about 15 to 20.

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