7/30/16:  Adoption pending

7/28/16:  Discovered Lucinda has food issues around small dogs.  She was fine eating near dogs her own size.  Best not to place her in a home with small dogs.  She was ok with the cat. 

5/23/16: Lucinda went on a farm adventure and did great with the 6 other dogs and critters.  She is returning today.

4/23/16:  Lucinda just arrived.  She needs secure fencing because she enjoyed visiting the neighbors farm.  Never hurt any of the critters and was even friendly with the chickens.  He just did not want her over there and threatened to shoot her next time she visited.  She was great with children, even small ones, good with cats, other dogs, on leash and in the house and car.  An all around great girl.

She weighs 80 pounds and about 2 to 3 years old.