1/06/16:  Louise has had a lot of applications but none have been a good fit.  Here is what she needs:  Rural area or at least a suburb with roughly a half acre yard.  Half acre is approx. 100' x 200'  or  21,600 square feet.  A secure fence is required.  Secure means chainlink, welded wire (2" x 4"), cattle panels (6" x 6" squares) or wood privacy.  Height required for Louise is 5'.  She is a tall girl and she is a LGD breed so a 4' fence is not sufficient.  She does not want to be inside all day but she does want to be inside a good part of the time.  She needs to be able to be both inside and out as she wants.  She needs free access to areas where her people are.  She cannot be confined to a separate room.  This does not mean she needs access to the entire house.  It means she needs to be allowed in the living room when her people are in there.  It means she cannot be closed in the bathroom, laundry room or crate at night. 

I know most people have to work and are usually gone 10 hours a day.  If this is the case, then Louise needs a compatible canine playmate.  Preferably a male of medium to large size with a dog friendly disposition.  She gets along fine with female dogs also and those of smaller size.  However she is not going to be able to play with a small dog.  I do not know how she would be with cats.  I know she would be excellent with respectful children. 

6/24/15:  Louisa has been here a year!  She has made herself at home inside the shop apartment.  She is together with 3 other females and a very old  male Saint and a small male dog.  She shares a fence line with her sister Thelma.  She does great with all dogs when properly introduced. 

She really is missing out on becoming a great balance service dog.  She has so much potential to help the physically challenged.

She is a very tall and big girl.  About 30" at the shoulder and 115 pounds at last vet visit a few months ago.    

July 2014: Louise and her sister Thelma came in June at the age of 11 months.  They had an appetite for chicken only didn’t wait for it to be served. 

Louise is a very social girl.   She has a more reserved personality then Thelma.  She enjoys meeting people.  She is not a pest.  She likes to 'look down at the world and will perch on a bench or a higher place.  She loves being nuzzled.

She is good on leash and in the back seat of the car.  She has no apparent issues.  She is not food motivated.  Attention is more important.  She gets along with other dogs, male and female.  Her laid back demeanor does give her more of a follower personality.   She has not shown any prey drive so the chicken issue could have been the typical puppy “it must be a toy” stage.  But to be safe, probably not a good idea to put her on a farm with free range chickens.  She might have just too much fun at their expense. 

She was said to be all Pyrenees, but I am leaning toward a little Anatolian Shepherd in the mix.  She was born in July 2013.