One of many updates from Lily's forever family:  2/2/14:  Update, Lily is really becoming part of the family, understanding this is home & getting used to our routines. As we found with the greyhounds, in the beginning they may seem quiet and comfortable, but it takes weeks and months for the real personality to come out…our Lily has started to show her beautiful self. She is finally getting used to the leash, she always walked good on one, but understanding it might mean potty time was beyond her for a bit, not when the living room rug could work just as well…lol. At 8:30 PM she wants bed time and usually beats the other dogs on the bed, she's not fond of breakfast but LOVES dinner and, we've found she gets very uncomfortable in strange or unfamiliar situations if we're not right by her side. She loves trying to keep up with the greyhounds, not understanding why her legs won't go faster, it's funny to watch. Every single morning she crawls on Patsi's lap for about 15 minutes for some up close loving. The potty training was a bit of a chore for us, a lot of scrubbing & cleaning, but never once did or could we blame her, she simply didn't know, now we know her signs and she knows the signs to give us it's time to go out for a walk…overall she's perfect, different but perfect none the less, but then we think they're all perfect…ty Carol.

Lily is playful, happy, gets along great with other dogs, reasonably good on leash and good in the car.  She does like to chase cats but it is unknown if it is just because they run or she really wants to catch them.  Good with children.  She prefers outside, but does like her inside time with her people. 

She can play with other dogs for hours.  Sometimes she is on top and sometimes on the bottom.  She is just a silly, happy girl and so grateful to be out of the small pen at animal control that she occupied for 2 months before being noticed.   

She is a 55 pound 4 year old Old English Sheepdog / Pyrenees mix.