Olive  aka Liberty & Monty

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3/25/07:  Olive is so funny. Up until recently she was barking, but only when startled, and then she would run quickly to the back door (if outside) or to me (if in the house). But this week-end she finally "found her voice". She has this really deep bark that also sounds a little like a 50ish woman who has smoked all of her life. So this week-end, we were all in the back yard and something moved in the distance. Olive took the lead in barking (she stole Monty's thunder, I guess) and ran to the fence barking frantically. She sounds like a much large meaner dog. She was so satisfied with herself afterwards and she kept starting barking matches at the slightest motion. This morning she barked briefly at a bumble-bee that was humming around her.... Olive also loves digging in the sand.


Olive is growing up and has sister Chloe and brother Monty to keep her occupied.


Baby Olive, then called Liberty   


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