" Well, you knew there would be stories coming along with the new dog. We wasted no time in starting the Levi chapter. First, a couple of notes of explanation before the rest of the story. Great Pyrenees and other similar large breeds have an incredible ability to appear to be a rug one moment, and then be moving at a pace that defies time and space laws of physics the next. Another note is that beside my bed is a comfy chair with a soft, springy seat. Now for the rest of ...the story....
Last night I was exhausted after the day of travel and chores I had to do when I got home. I always let dogs decide if they want to sleep in the bed or elsewhere, Levi being no exception to being able to make his own choice. I had just crawled into bed and was in the process of arranging all the small dogs that sleep with me, when I saw a sight I will never, ever forget. Levi decided he wanted to sleep on the bed, but his entrance was nothing short of grand. He propelled himself onto the soft chair beside the bed, using it like a mini trampoline, which catapulted him through the air and onto my bed.... in less time than this human brain could process the cry heard on battlefields when similar missiles are on the way, "INCOMING!!!" Until you have seen the underside of a flying 100 pound bundle of white fluff, you just have not experienced the joy of big dog ownership."

Question: Were any of the little ones squooshed?

Yes, Atticus the Boston Terrier. Levi settled in right on top of him as well as pinning me down. Being a terrier, Atticus was giving up nothing. For awhile. Until he decided that he really missed breathing. Then he squirmed out from beneath the Great White and went to sleep on my pillow."

And that was Day 1.