1/18/16: Layne has been on hold for a long distance adopter way too long.  It is time to move on to finding one more active in getting her. 
    Layne is a real laid back sweetheart.  She gets along with other dogs, would be great with children and probably fine with cats.  She has great house manners. She is good on leash and in the car.  She is between 4 to 5 years old.  Weighs 100 pounds. 
   She was picked up by animal control as a stray a year ago.  It was obvious she had not had a good life.   She has had several cysts removed from her tail.  She is now heartworm negative after undergoing the slow treatment. She takes everything in stride.  Just give her love and attention and she is happy.  
    What Layne needs:  Layne will fit well in any companion situation.  She would do best with people who are not real active.  She is not going to want to go on a mile run.  She would prefer to guard the sofa.  She would do best with a retired couple.  She would be ok alone for 8 or 9 hours a day, but it would not be a happy time for her.  She would be happiest to have people around most of the day.  She would be content with another dog or 2 if they left her alone and were of her same 'lack of energy' level.  She would tolerate small yappy dogs, but would not be thrilled with their company.  She would be ok with respectful children but she would be overly tolerant so could allow herself to be hurt if kids crawled on her or pushed and pulled on her.  She would love to have them gently snuggle her.
6/24/15: Layne is such a sweet girl.  She just goes with the flow.  She gets along with everybody.  Never complains.  She is only 97 pounds, but with that fluffy coat, she looks 130.  She has had a cyst on her tail which has been drained several times but under advisement of the vet, they want to leave it alone unless it starts to swell again.  She has been so good not to remove the bandage each time.   She was mildly heartworm positive and being treated with the slow kill protocol.  Otherwise, she is in great health and the perfect snuggler.

2/10/15:  Layne was a stray picked up by animal control.  She is such a doll.  She knows 'sit' and 'shake'.  She is great on leash and in the car.  Good house manners. Was perfect for the groomer and has been to the vet twice in 3 days!  She was a physical train wreck but has improved so much.  She loves attention but is not demanding, just appreciative.