6/8/16: Lakota has changed so much in the past 3 months.  He is becoming more trusting and more social towards strangers.  He will still need an experienced adopter who uses 100% positive reinforcement.  Lakota wants to be loved but he does not want anyone to force him to change to fit their criteria.  

He is very sad having lost his yard friend Xena.  She got adopted.  I tried him with Willow and that went fine, but Willow was not happy away from her sister. 

3/14/16: Lakota tested HW negative.  No more health issues.  He will be entering a 4 to 6 week behavioral management program in a few weeks.

10/20/15:  Lakota has become protective of his space against strangers.  He remains unpredictable about what humans he will like and which he won't.  He wants to hog human attention and will not share it with other dogs.  He is sharing a human apartment with Xena now since the other dogs he shared space with have since been adopted.  He needs someone who does not have many visitors, is quite rural and secure fencing.  Anyone approved to adopt this beautiful challenging boy would need to come and spend 2 days with him before taking him home. 

5/24/15:  Lakota has a new yard mate.  He loved playing with Gracie Lynn, but she is Ms. Hudini and keeps leaving him for the house dogs.  Lakota gets along with Breeze.   Lakota is laid back and not much into playing with her.   He got along with Auna.  She is shy and goes with the flow.   The different dog personalities shows me a lot who Lakota might get along with, dog wise.  Young or old, playful or laid back, but not overly dominate nor an alpha. 

Gentleness is the only way to be a trusted companion to Lakota.  He has come such a long way in the almost year he has been here.  His forever person needs to be someone with patience, diplomacy and dog skills.  A firm few words will get his attention.  Yelling or aggression would put him back where he was a year ago, fearful and defensive.  I would still not trust him around young children as their quick moves and sometimes loud play would not be a safe environment.  The girl in the bottom photo is 12 but she is a true dog whisperer.  

12/5/14:  Lakota is getting very trusting but he has definite opinions on who he likes and who he does not.  Any family approved to adopt him must be willing to come here and spend 2 days getting to know him and letting him learn to trust them.  No exceptions. 

Unsure what breed Lakota is but has double dews.  Possibly a mix of Pyr and rough coat Anatolian but possibly Ovcharka.

7/8/14: Lakota has become very secure in his surroundings and very gentle. He is going to make a great companion.   He is eating out of my hand. Bonded with a 12 year old visitor and cried when she left. Enjoys attention, brushed and ears scratched.

6/15/14: Lakota has been here a week. He live his 2 years of life on a chain. His owner recently died and the family did not want Lakota. He was very fearful but in the week he has been here, he has made great progress.

He is affectionate and playful. He comes to welcome some who come to the gate. Once he finds his forever home, I believe he will bond quickly and with true loyalty. To adopt Lakota, you must have guardian dog breed experience.

He has been groomed and neutered and brought current on immunizations. He is HW+ and is on the slow kill treatment.