Lacy Jane

11/18/15:  It is with great sadness that Lacy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She was 14 years old, the last 6 being with a wonderful family.  I will really miss dog setting her when the family went on trips.  Lacy was such a joy to be around.  All the dogs liked her.  Every human and animal was her friend.   Rest in Peace, my beautiful Lacy.  I love you. 

2010:  Lacy comes to visit often.  She was last here June 15 thru June 21 while her family was out of town.  We enjoy her visits very much.  Loren keeps trying to hide her or convince Betty that she turned white and Sahara or one of the others really is Lacy. 

Updates from her forever family:  12/05/09: 
Hi Carol
Just thought I would drop you an update about Lacy.  It has now been 2 months since we adopted her.  I couldn't be more pleased with her, she is such a loveable dog.  We have taken her to Illinois for a week, 9-1/2 hours in the car and then she spent the week with our son and family and us.  3 children and a golden retriever.  She was so....good.  I couldn't ask for a better dog.   She loves my husband, in fact, he told me to contact you about her. ( He is an animal lover) Everyone that has seen her states we are so lucky to have her.  Yes, we are lucky to have her.
She has adjusted quite well and loves her big yard.  We were afraid to let her off the leash but she listens when we call her and doesn't stray, we won't let her stray.  I did get her name tags, just in case.  She loves to walk and I have taken her for walks at Cooper Park and the lake area.  I hope she is happy, it seems so.  Every time we look at her, she wags her tail.  Also rolls over on her back and wants to be petted.  Of course, we oblige her, spoiled.  We love her. 
Thanks again for taking such good care of her and she does have a good home with us.  You are always welcome to come and see her.  She loves people.    Betty
Lacy is doing well.  We had visitors over Sunday and she saw them and growled at the door, (for about one second)  first time I heard a peep out of her.  She is so good.  They came in our home and she sniffed them and then laid down.  Such a good dog.  I hope she is happy, she loves my husband and he walks with her down to the pole barn, without a leash on her.  I bought an ID tag for her, just in case, but she listens so well.  She is laying down by me now, next to the computer.  Betty
Just wanted to let you know Lacy is doing fine.  I bought her the dog food and she is doing well with it.  Brushed her today and she was very good about it, in fact, the first collie we had that liked it.  She won't do her business when she is on the leash, so we walk her with the chain and take it off for her duties and watch her like a hawk.  She loves our yard, and seems to listen quite well when we call her.  She doesn't beg when we eat, just goes off to lay down.  Such a sweetheart.  We have had some friends over the house, she looks them over and then lays down.  Hope she is happy with us, wags her tail when we talk to her.  Everyone wants to know her history so I tell them to look it up on your website.  Saves me a lot of explaining.  thanks again.   Betty
Lacy Jane and Sandy the Saint, along with 2 others, have come from the same sad situation.  The owner had to move and could not take the dogs. She left them with her elderly father.  He can barely take care of himself, let alone 4 large dogs.  As you can see in the bottom photos, the dogs were laying in insulation and electrical wires were hanging outside the walls.  Lacy was also terribly matted, flea infested and dirty.

  She is good with people and other dogs, but not real fond of cats.  She loves being inside and has great indoor manners.  She loves car rides, being brushed and just curling up at your feet.

She is a Collie, 8 years old and overweight at 77 pounds.  She is spayed, and vet checked healthy.

  When she came!

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