6/16/2010:  Kiona and Smokey enjoy a day on the ocean. 

Above:  April 10, 2010 Kiona with Smokey and friend.

Kiona and Smokey watching their family mow the lawn.  >>>

Below: Kiona and Smokey attend a "Mutt Strut" event March 20, 2010

Thanksgiving 2009:  After all that Thanksgiving dinner, it's time for a nap.

Kiona is all decked out and ready for Santa.  I'm sure she will have a great first Christmas in her new home. 2008



11/10/08: As you can see Kiona seems to be adjusting well,  She still has a panic attack when anyone leaves the house but she is getting along with it.  She especially loves looking out windows and I have bought stock in Windex. 
Hope all is well with you and you enjoy the pictures.    Raymond

Kiona has arrived at her new home.  9/26/08 email:  Kiona made it here fine and although she seems tired, she has eaten a little bit, drank alot, and she is adjusting to the new area well.  Smokey just wants to play and I think Kiona will start tomorrow.  She started to mouth some toys, but every time someone moves she gets up and follows.    I will report more tomorrow.

9/27/08:  Still a little quiet, but she is getting more used to the routine, tried to give her a tray of ice but Smokey took over and pigged out with them.      Raymond


9/07/08: Kiona will be leaving for Florida Thursday to meet and join her new family.  Thanks, Raymond, for opening your heart and home to Kiona.

8/17/08: Kiona has so much potential and is SO SMART.  She had learned how to open the gate. At first I thought it was an accident, second time a coincidence, but third time I watched her. She knows exactly what she is doing. It now has a chain hooked around it. She has also figured out she can clear a 4' gate. Depending on the particular gate, sometimes a running start and other times, she climbs over.  She does not attempt to get out if she is with her people. She does not run off, just around to the front door and 'knocks'. She is very social and thinks she's human.

Her favorite thing is ice cubes.  If they are in her water bowl, she will bob for them putting her head under water as far as necessary.  To save the 'mess', she gets a bowl of ice separate from the water.  She also loves laying in a pool of ice.  She has 2 small child wading pool.  One is kept full of water and the other is dry.  She loves to get in the dry pool and hear the plastic sound as she plays in it.  But most of all, she likes when I empty out the ice maker and dump the ice cubes in the dry pool.  She will lay in the middle of them and eat away at them.  She likes an occasional ice cream cone too.

July 08: Kiona has discovered 'fetch'. She loves to have you throw a ball. She is a bit reluctant to give it back, but will continue to throw it in the air or roll it across the floor for herself. She can entertain herself for an hour with this 'game'. She does however like an audience.

Her coat is so 'grown up looking. It is real wavy and so Pyr looking. The puppy fur is gone. At 7 months old she weighed 64 pounds.

She enjoys indoor life as much as outdoors. She enjoys curling up in a crate (door off) or sprawling out on the cool tile. She's always been housebroke so as long as she has a doggie door for outside access, she handles her own needs. She does quite well on leash. She knows to 'sit' for her food bowl to be put down. (She loves food). Romping outside in a big yard with a human or another dog is equally as enjoyable to her.

She is a bundle of playful and fearless energy. She wants everyone and everything to be her friend and she's right there to insist on it. Kiona is tall for a Pyrenees her age. She is going to be a big girl. She is a delight to play with. She is an extremely smart puppy. It only took her a few minutes to discover the doggie door and went inside, having a great time. She did not make a mess, other then a tipped over trash basket, but did not string out the contents. Just found an interesting object and played with it until she went to sleep.

Kiona was born Dec 11, 2007. She is spayed, had all her puppy shots, rabies vaccination and wormings. She is very healthy.

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