4/20/07 Kelli went on a Play Date with Dharma and never came home.  They got along so great and the family liked her so much, she just stayed.

4/15/07: Something strange happened when Kelli came into rescue. She brought with her a sense of calm. The dogs here are use to seeing new faces and smelling new bottoms, but there is always several in the pack that bark, growl and just take an offensive attitude towards the newcomer. I'm still in awe that this did not happen with Kelli. Everyone did their sniff greeting and went on about there business, accepting her as if she had been here forever. Fourteen other dogs and not a one seems concerned or jealous of her presence.

So that said, so far she is one terrific girl. She quickly overcame her fear of her new surroundings and all the massive size dogs that welcomed her. She is very calm. She does not jump up, but she will put her paws in your lap and want petted. She likes to be close by her people, but is not 'clingy' nor follows you around. If you settle into a chair to watch TV or at the computer, she will come set at your feet or under your desk.

She is totally housebroke. Unfamiliar with the doggie door, she 'held it' all night while she had free run of the house. I took her out on leash and as soon as we were 100 feet from the house, she 'went'. I had to laugh because I could tell she had really worked hard to 'hold it' and when she was comfortable, her tail began wagging and she looked up at me with the first sign of sparkle in her eyes. I assume a sign of gratitude for allowing her relief. Today we will work on learning the doggie door. She did not have a yard or doggie door at her previous home.

The first history we know about Kelli was that she was a stray with a litter of 6 puppies. She was living in an abandoned building and scared to death. A good Samaritan found her and took her and her puppies in. Because of personal medical issues, the Samaritan could not keep the puppies and when old enough, took them to the local shelter, being mis-informed that the shelter was 'no-kill'. The Samaritan planned to keep Kelli but after several months, unforeseen events created an atmosphere that was not in the best interest of Kelli. Thus Kelli needed a new home. She is now in rescue awaiting the permanence every fur kid needs..

We estimate Kelli to be about 3 or 4 years old. She is about knee high and weighs 54 pounds. She is spayed and current on immunizations. She looks and acts healthy, but we will have her tested for heartworm and also have her teeth looked at.