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1996 to July 28, 2009:  Keeton crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.  He was sent peacefully on his way laying on the front lawn in the shade of the trees.  A favorite place where he recently spent many hours.  We will miss him so much.  I will miss our middle of the night walks, even the ones in the rain. 

I'll always love you Keeton.

Keeton and friends.  His last day, his last photo, before crossing the Rainbow Bridge


June22, 2009.  Keeton is still here 22 months 2 weeks!
August 7, 2008:  Keeton celebrates his 1 year anniversary here!  He almost looks younger!!!  And he sure looks happier.  
July 28, 2008:  Next week, Keeton will have been with us 1 year!!!  For a dog predicted not to live more then 1 month, he has surprised us all.  Some days, like today, he can act just like a puppy.  He loves rolling in the grass, but especially taking walks with the cat.  He will go out the front door and stand until cat shows up.  Sometimes, if cat does not appear,  Keeton will turn around and come back in the house.  He has been a total delight and we love him so much.
April 7, 2008:  Does not seem possible Keeton has been with us 8 months!!!  He is doing so good considering no one thought he would last a month. 

April 6

March 9

Jan 31

Jan 31

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Nov. 17, 2007

Nov. 17, 2007

8/10/07: Keeton has been staying in the shop because of the heat.  He is very good not to have accidents.  He holds it until he is walked.  He has gained 10 pounds in less then 2 weeks and is looking like he feels much better.  His heartworm is treatable and has begun, but he will need a calm environment for the rest of his life.

8/07/07: Keeton has had a rough life. First found as a stray in the 'big city' in 2004, he was adopted and ended up in a really bad 'part of town'. He was found as a stray again a few weeks ago, all matted and very sick. He is heartworm positive. The shelter, in the process of cutting away the mats also cut away some of his skin and did not get him to the vet in time to be stitched up. He was also exposed to an upper respiratory illness in the shelter. The antibiotics have been helpful for that as well as the cuts.

With the help of another rescue, I was able to get him out of the kill shelter and into my care. He handled the very long ride very well. He went up and down the ramp into the crate with little hesitation.


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