Katey has a wonderful new home.  She has a stay at home mom, 4 human brothers and sisters to give her attention and a mud puddle in the back yard. She gets to sleep on the bed and lay around on the sofa. She goes for several walks a day.  She looks after the elderly grandmother.  She is a busy girl and very happy to be the center of attention with only a kitty to share it with.

2/07/08:  Although we had planned to keep Katey forever, she is just not happy being part of such a large clan.  With all the new rescues coming and going, she has lost her 'place' and is obviously depressed.  I want all my dogs to have the very best life possible.  If it is with us, then that is great.  But when it becomes apparent that we are not meeting one's needs, we must put the feelings of the dog first.  Thus Katey is available for adoption.  However she is not available to just anyone (none of our rescues ever are either).  It has to be the perfect match just for her.  It must be in her best interest.

Katey is our resident 'clown'.  Sweet, manipulative, cheerful, persuasive, endearing, obstinate, cuddly, protective, comical and downright stubborn, but in such a cute way.  Her favorite position: 

upside down

Upside down

Upside down

Her favorite adventure is 'going', be it a ride in the car or a walk, or escaping the yard to go explore and visit. 

She waits to 'go'

place is on the sofa

asking 'pretty please'

Cooling off

Before we got the wading pool or fountain, her favorite water game was splash all the water out of her water dish immediately upon filling it.  After walks, she would cool off in the fountain.

Cooling off


after the walk & swim!

job is 'night patrol'
Katey had always been submissive to Sissy until we got Frank in June 2004. Katey then became his protector and stood up against Sissy. Frank & Katey were best buddies.

Almost recuperated from surgery

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