2/15/18:  Kate crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.  My heart breaks that we could not stop the seizures. I miss her so much.

1/08/18:  Kate was adopted, but the stress of change was too much for her.  She was returned for her own well being.  She will just stay here and become part of the sanctuary. 

7/22/17:  Kate has been here about 6 weeks.  She has had a rough time in her life.  She was a scared stray until someone befriended her and finally coaxed her to trust.  Heartworm positive, she was treated in early April.  Heartworms are no longer an issue.  But Kate has other difficulties.  She has vision and hearing problems.  She can see some and she can hear some, but she depends mostly on her nose.  She also has 'stress' seizures but Phenobarbital is helping.  

She walks into things and just kind of bounces off.  My big concern is she trips over many of the 16 other dogs that spread out on the floor.  Several are quite old and really grumpy.  She does not hear their warning growl.  She hears barking, but not the growl.  She does not hear us calling her, but she will respond to a loud clap.  She sees us motioning her to come, but she does not see white dogs on a white floor.  She is also a little mentally slow to catch on to some things, but she does use a doggie door, and has never had an accident in the house. 

Now for her personality.  She is a hoot!!!  She is so laid back.  The other day Sprite sat right on her head while she was asleep.  She never even flinched.  We got him up off her and she still never even looked up.  We had a snake in the house (!) and as best as we can guess, she stuck her nose on it and it bit her. (Non-venemous).  We never heard a yelp. She did seizure briefly.  Her muzzle was swollen for a day. 

She loves 'special' food.  She is not a 'chow hound' and eats slowly with little enthusiasm, unless there is something 'special' in it.  When she smells food cooking, she starts 'licking the air' with a loud 'click, click' of her tongue.  One day I put a roast in the oven at 8 a.m.  Went out to mow the lawn and when I came in at noon to eat some of hte roast, the oven door was open!  It had cooked for probably an hour when Kate smelled that great aroma.  350 degrees forced her away, but the door remained open.  I had roast for dinner rather then lunch. 

I had a slice of Pizza in my hand while sitting at the computer.  She came over, licking her lips, and started licking me from elbow right up to my wrist.  Then I got a tiny nip.  I think she thought she had the pizza since the smell was so close to her mouth.  She is very gentle taking a treat from your hand.  But if it is yours and not offered, she does work her way towards the source of the delicious smell. 

You cannot help but fall in love with this girl.  She is about 2 to 3 years old and 75 pounds.  Most likely a Husky / Lab mix.