9/08/16: Kashi is slowly improving.  Her coat is getting softer and filling in some.  She is on a low fat diet for Pancreatitis so I can't give her the food that would make her skin and coat improve more quickly.  She is starting to feel 'at home' here.  Very loving and affectionate as before. 

7/9/16:  Kashi (now 3 years old) is back with me where she will get the care she needs and deserves.  Looks can be deceiving.  This "loving family" does not know what love means.  It does not mean ignoring a dog they promised to love.  It does not mean lying about her care and health and condition. I asked repeatedly how the leg was.  I always got "fine, she is walking on it just fine".  Surgery was planned if it did not heal.  Two years she suffered because they lied... and no excuse as they knew I was paying for the surgery.  Kashi is eat up from fleas.  Her coat was matted to the skin.  It is coarse and brittle, not bunny soft like a normal Pyr. I could not salvage any tail hair because it was one huge mat.  She is at least 30 pounds underweight. She is covered in wounds, scabs and scars. She actually is vocal when that leg has to support weight of any kind.  This is an example of the reason I can't emotionally handle rescuing to re-home.  This is why the dogs who come here from now on will not be leaving until I die or they die. 

4/5/14: Kashi in (what was intended to be) her forever home.
March 15, 2014: Kashi had 7 puppies.  Obviously she was preg when she came.  Due to her pending surgeries and illnesses upon arrival, spaying her was being put off until she was in better health.  We had no idea there were babies involved. 

Kashi has an adopter and will join her forever family when the puppies are old enough to be adopted. 

1/30/14:  Kashi arrived today.  She is 10 months old and has multiple health issues.  She has a broken Femur (leg), yeast infectionsin ears and on skin, symptomatic ehrlicia, Demodex mange, eye infection and she is not yet spayed.  Donations to help with her overwhelming vet costs can be made by calling All Creatures Veterinarian Hospital at 870   425   5175  and making a credit card donation on behalf of Ozark Dogs Rescue for Kashi. Be sure you email me your info and amount so I can send you a donation receipt for your taxes.  The vet will not keep your information so you must let me know.