Ruby (aka Kasa)
5/9/11: It was great to hear from you and thanks for the info on the pig ears and anything else that you come across.  As Cindy said we stopped using those some years ago.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoy Ruby.  She has become my shadow when I move around the house and insists that I touch her constantly and I do not mind that one bit.  She loves it outside  and usually starts the night that way.  She generally wants in around 2:30 ( she is pretty consistent with that time ) and races me back to the bed.  She then  wants to play for about 15 minutes and then wants to love and go back to sleep.  She has been great for Bear and we enjoy watching them play.  She has a made him more youthful and active.  I agree with you she has had a rough go of it in the past and we are careful to reinforce our love and she gives back as much as she receives. 
    I enjoy looking at your web site and wish we could adopt another.  Please keep in touch and thank you for all you do.   Duke
5/5/11: Ruby is doing great...she will finally take food out of our hands.  We play chase with her and she loves playing with us.  Duke thinks she loves him more.  He has always wanted one of our dogs to love him more than me.  It has taken her a while to understand that she is loved and that we are not going to do anything mean or bad to her.  For a long time Bear wanted to play more than she it is even...she wants to play as much as Bear.  She loves all our family and friends. She loves our grandchildren and their friends.  We are so very glad that we have her and have even talked about getting another one when the time comes that Bear passes away.  Hopefully, we have years before that happens.  But we plan to always have at least two dogs.  We don't won't them to be lonely while we are at work.
Good to hear from you.  Hope you all are doing ok and all the puppy dogs find loving homes.
Cindy & Duke 
11/12/10: Kasa has been here 3 months.  In that time she has learned to trust, gained about 20 pounds and her coat has went from a chopped up mess to a soft, longer, slightly wavy fur.  She is becoming very beautiful on the outside as she has always been on the inside. 

Before Kasa came here, she did not have the best of living conditions.   All that has changed and she is eager to please, but especially eager to be loved on.   Because of her past neglect, she wants to be number one with her people.  She is good with other dogs but will not be bullied.  She will stand her ground. 

She is about 2 1/2  years old and 70 pounds.

She is spayed, HW negative and current on shots and preventatives and micro-chipped.. 

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