4/15/10:   All is well here trying to spring clean windows, curtains even dogs got baths yesterday. I went up the stairs the other night & found a worm on one of the stairs. I decided it was time for Kamali to get bathed & shaved.. I knew the worm fell off her. Everything sticks to her her hair is like a magnet. Well the way  she looks now is not the way when the groomer shaves them. Oh well it will grow in. I just have to try to even it out. I need someone to hold her up. Our vet had a groomer I only let her shave our Great Pyrenees I bathe & comb them. They never do a good job at combing although they should have for the price I paid. I called the vet but they no longer have the groomer. I asked & they could not recommend any the one they knew of must groom your dog every month.
     We took the dogs to Teddy Roosevelt's home it is not far from our house they like it there. Anyway it was funny we took an extremely long walk & his property actually goes into the Long Island Sound. Our Akita went in the water a little but I was shocked Kamali went right in the water even tried lying down. It must have been cold but they loved it & it was a hot day. Our Akita (Tosca) paid for it for the next few days; bad arthritis in her hind hips.
2/25/20: Golly is doing better but does need to be worked. With the weather so bad cold & snow it is difficult but definitely an improvement.
     Waiting for the snow to start. I am so sick of this lousy cold weather. I am suppose to go to Puerto Rico on Sat but do not know if this weather keeps up. My regular dog sitter is very ill & waiting for a liver transplant in Carolina. I came across a wonderful guy I work with his mom. What a great dog person he works part time in our large animal shelter & loves the dogs. I tried him a few weeks ago & all went great. I just made him tons of food so that will also make him happy. Hope you feel better & keep me updated.

Kamali acting innocent. What trouble can I get into next?  I'm Bored

We had to snow blow paths in the backyard for the dogs
Golly ( our neurotic one )

Kamali on the pool I am glad it was covered

Tosca & Golly always together I believe she thinks Tosca is her mother

June 30, 2009: 

This is Kamali   our Clown dog. She is the most loving funny dog. She decided to sit in a pond. Most of the time we find her drinking the dirty water out of it. Her fresh ice water is only 5 feet away. Well at least she gave up on catching fish out of our fish pond.
                                                                                    Love Audrey

12/06/08:  I've had verbal updates from Audrey on Kamali on a regular basis, and although she is a typical puppy, has been great....up until a few days ago.  I got his email today.  What a stinker she was!!!  " Kamali turned
  into a terror the past few days just likes to escape or get into trouble since she had a birthday. I got a new battery for her collar & she still escaped dug under the fence. Since that didn't work I had the company come over they checked out the fencing, tightened her collar & retrained her for the noise & shock. We thought OK she is safe again & today she decided to escape Thank God for our neurotic Golly she comes & gets me when Kamali escapes. Well now she really is upset we took the super shock collar off the Akita & put it on Kamali. She is now barking at the fencing & decided to frolic with Golly on top of the pool cover & come in the house soaking wet & jumped on the couch & if that wasn't enough came upstairs, ate my slipper & squatter & wet the rug in my bedroom. I think she is really annoyed at me for giving her the new collar. Oh well, at least I know she is safe. What a roamer she has become.

7/8/08: As you can see, Kamali is settling right into her new home. She is now a New York pooch!  Her mom says she is getting along great with her canine friends. 

"Our new girls enjoying the dog park & bath day. Our newest addition, Kamali, what a love. She only wanted to read the magazine because she knew I don't get a chance to. Now she learned to play tug a war with Golly & the magazines".

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5/26/08:  Kamali just before she left for her new home.

4/02/08: Despite this 'sinister' look, Kamali is a delightful puppy.  She is a tad reserved compared to her sister, but social, playful and full of energy.  More so then the average Pyr puppy of this age. They both are extremely smart puppies.  I put them in an outside kennel and within a few minutes they discovered the doggie door and were inside having a great time.  They did not make a mess, other then a tipped over trash basket, but they did not string out the contents.  Just found an interesting object and played with it until they went to sleep.  She was born Dec 11, so will be turning 4 months old soon.  She is a big, healthy Pyrenees girl.