6/25/15: Julie arrived at her foster home, from the shelter, last week.  Her 'makeover' has been labor intensive, especially with the skunk smell that came with sewer mud in matted cords.  

7/8/15 Foster update: 
Her coat is still a mess. Got it SOOOO much better but can't get it where it should be. Her mats are so thick and pelted. If I split them to work on them, there isn't much healthy hair holding lots of dead tangled hair in the mat. Each mat contains burrs, grass, dead ticks bodies or multiple foreign objects. Had her all freed up then she got wet in the grass and her fur re-pelted.  The major matted areas are on her front shoulders. She has mats everywhere that could become cords - but I think she has too much debris in her. The skunk smell has eased but still noticeable. 
        Personality - she is a love. Definitely house dog at some point. Not much interest in outdoors.  Loves the house. Nothing surprises/startles her. No accidents. Very calm (but inquisitive) in the house. Runs in and lays down. Slept outside at night until the third of July. First night in, ran next to the bed, laid down and was content the whole night. 
        Loves walks on a leash and knows the "walk" word. High prey drive for squirrels and rabbits. Tries to be snarky (or bossy) with my grumpy old male 45# shepherd and sometimes with my female 45# shepherd mix. The girl doesn't back down. The boy is a little dramatic. She doesn't pull that with my male LGD. Just gets along. Tendency to want to fence fight or jump into a fray - but if corrected, calms down immediately. 
       Very smart girl. Learns quickly. Knows how much she can get away with. Loves to ride in the car. 
        Has a playful side - rolls, runs, etc. but mine don't let her express herself that way very much. Chewed on a tennis ball a little. 
      She doesn't seem LGD. She seems more standard poodle traits and legs. If she is Kom, she is the domesticated version. 
      Fairly low energy indoors. Likes to have people around and greets you warmly at first but then content to be in the same room. 
      Very athletic as far as walking and leaping ability. Haven't had an opportunity to have her off leash except in the yard. She doesn't stray far from the back door. She will scratch the back door to be let in the house. Occasionally will stop if corrected but usually scratches vehemently to get in. 
      She needs a house and family of her own. She is very sweet and loving. Don't think she will do well in a yard with another dog. Her focus is people. Don't see any transition issues for this one.

Her personality and disposition are still in the discovery stage.  She does like people and some dogs but is unsure about others.  Here is what her foster has observed:

 6/25:   She definitely has a prey drive towards birds, bunnies, squirrels, etc.  Loves to chase them.
    She met a kitty in a cage at the vet today and was fascinated.  The kitty was trying to get her to 
play and she barked at it.  Her dog interaction is interesting on leash.  She assumes a positive 
posture - sniffing, wagging, smiling - then she proceeds to snarl and snap at other dogs.  
Granted, all have been smaller than her.  Once corrected, she calms quickly.  But not behavior 
that's socially acceptable. 
       She is still skunk stinky.  I'm working on her but......  I've got all the huge mats broken up and away 
from her skin. When I go to break them up, they only have very few healthy hairs holding the dead 
matted fur together.  She looks thread bare.  So I've left the smaller mats all over here to make it appear 
she has coat.  The legs are mostly smaller mats/cords.  I've not really done the lower quarter of her body 
side and armpits/top of legs is pretty big mats still. 
      She really doesn't look but much better but she is deticked, desticked, deburred and the mats are the size 
to start new cords.  Her skin can breath. Not sure when to try bathing her. Water makes the mats worse, 
but she still has lots of dirt and skunk smell.  To me, she looks much better since I know the before. 
       To strangers, they still think she needs to be shaved down. I was buying Skunk Off at Petsmart today and 
the groomer was adamant that shaving was the only solution and the coat would be fine if brushed regularly 
while growing out.  She said that she seemed to have the coat of some of the Golden Doodles that come thru there.
      She walks well on leash with my three. Non-confrontational, good heel position, responds to correction, likes to 
look around and sniff as we walk.

She has a microchip but the information is contrary to this dog.  Either a number was entered wrong during registration or information was given for another dog.  We believe her to be Komondor.  She is underweight at 65 pounds.  Stands about 25" at the shoulders and about 3 years old.

6/25/15 after some initial beauty treatment
heading to / arriving at foster
at shelter intake